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Grunge Queens, Riot Grrrls & Female Fronted Indie Bands

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by anfunny2003, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I didn't even know of the second album until about 5 years after it's release!

    I'd be intrigued by new material...
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  2. I was just wondering what Elastica may be up to the other day.
    A reunion EP/album/tour would be great.
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  3. Been (re)discovering Trigger Happy TV recently (after the comeback special over Xmas) and I'd forgotten what a slamming track they use for the title sequence.....and I'd forgotten it was Elastica!
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  4. Wow, it's been 17 years, but Boss Hog are back! New album, March 24th.


    I love Christina Martinez! So happy!

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  5. I honestly can't believe that Elastica have got together again. That just seems so unlikely. A few years back Mojo did a Britpop special and did a feature on Elastica. Justin provided the main bulk of the interview, I think maybe Annie contributed slightly, Donna agreed to be interviewed and then pulled out and Justine tried to shut the entire thing down. Justin just ignored her.

    It seems that Justine wasn't actually there but is 'involved'. I know she's in San Francisco so I wonder if this is just a remastering. Will there be much unreleased stuff to add in? I'm only aware of their being one or two B-sides.

    The second album is ok. I keep meaning to pick up the 1998 EP actually as there are some different versions of songs that appeared on The Menace. I remember album 2 being 50% decent.
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  6. Is it usual for bands to reunite and remaster something collectively? Seems odd. What with Justin just touring with Lush, I thought a reunion seemed more likely if he'd perhaps got the urge again? The debut album is... 22 years old this year. Not really an appropriate anniversary but if they do re-issue it, there's nothing they can add other than a full live show recording maybe and their cover of Cleopatra (Adam & The Antz), which is still exclusive to the flexi disc in the first 1,000 copies of the LP. I guess Pussycat is sort've rare, B-side to the Stutter 7" (my current avatar!) but it's been on CD in other territories (I have it on the Austrailian CD single, for example). Their demos, radio sessions and other rarities are all readily available on old CDs or digitally. Seeing as the studio used for whatever was cut is Abbey Road, it wont be Cherry Red or Demon Music Group re-issuing it... they have their own arrangements for such things. I don't even know who owns Steve Lamacq's Deceptive Records anymore? So... curiouser and curioser.

    The second album is pretty patchy. Some genius moments, like the best song they ever recorded, My Sex (even if it sounds nothing like them). I still play that a lot. Mad Dog was a decent single, too and Da Da Da was fun. Their final 7"-only single, Bitch Don't Work, was a bit mediocre... but I'm glad I found a promo CD copy of that because both sides were vinyl only.
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  7. Also, why is no one else excited for Boss Hog?! Time for videos...

    Fans of Garbage, The Breeders, Hole, The Kills, etc. should like them, if you've never heard of them before. Both their last two albums were ACE and one of them has one of my all time favourite album covers...

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  8. I knew the name (vaguely), but I will do some checking out!
  9. Oh, I knew this cover from browsing the racks in indie shops:


    But assumed (given the name's Dukes of Hazard reference and the sleeve) that they were some sort of male US indie combo, like Dinosaur Jr, Wheatus or Weezer!
  10. It's the incredibly beautiful Mrs Jonathan Spencer (Blues Explosion), AKA Christina Martinez (ex-Pussy Galore). One of Boss Hog's tracks, Itchy And Scratchy, was a Levi ad song.
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  11. Ah, so that's why one of the other sleeves has a "Jon Spencer" speech bubble!
  12. I am. I have all the Pussy Galore albums too. Love love love.
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  13. I'm guessing the Elastica thing is a remaster. I doubt it's that out of the ordinary for band members to attend a mastering session if they're involved with the project. Justine's involvement can then be from a distance - giving her blessing, input, etc.

    There was a vinyl re-issue of the first album not too long ago, wasn't there? I'd be interested in a delixe edition anyway.
  14. Me too. I think that out of all of the Britpop albums it's the one that has stood the test of time.
  15. Parklife? Different Class? Definitely Maybe? They'll all very good still. I think Elastica's debut would be the second best for me, after Parklife.
  16. Poor Menswear.
  17. Different Class is the other one but Elastica is one of the only ones I go back to on a regular basis.
  18. I haven't played Elastica's debut for years and I loved it and them on release. Different Class and everything Suede released are those still on regular play...

    Elastica's second album is very hit and miss... if they did new material (and its a very big IF I'd suggest) i cant even begin to think how they'd sound?
  19. I don't listen to any mid-90s stuff, especially Britpop, anymore. That will change as I get around to 1994 and 1995 in my Singles Logs.
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