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Grunge Queens, Riot Grrrls & Female Fronted Indie Bands

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by anfunny2003, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I know no one actually cares, but Boss Hog's debut mini album from 1989, which was vinyl-only, got a CD reissue about 6 months ago. Why didn't I know?! I can finally digitise their back catalogue from start to finish. I'd rather they'd kept it an exact replica of the vinyl, sleeve-wise, instead of the cartoons, but maybe Christina isn't much of a fan of those very risqué photos... anyway, $5! I wish it was available on Amazon and I didn't have to pay the $15 shipping though!


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  2. It's great to see Boss Hog mentioned on here! I only have a promo of one of the later singles. I do have some Blues Explosion albums.
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  3. Spencer-related: I was more of a Brassy fan to be honest.
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  4. [​IMG]

    ...and Sleeper are "back"! Just announced today, they'll be one of six bands playing the 90s/Britpop festival, Star Shaped.

  5. Trainspotting and's 1996 again.
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  6. Oh wow, I was just thinking about Salad the other day. I have their albums but wish I could get hold of the Kent and On a Leash EPs on CDs..its impossible to find them digitally anywhere...nothing on iTunes or Spotify. Be great if this drums up some interest...
  7. How about the Singles Bar compilation? That gathers everything from those two EPs, plus Diminished Clothes (11 tracks). I had several copies of that on CD at one point, but have since passed all the spares on... sorry! However, it's pretty cheap online, if you haven't already got it. If you still really want the original CD single of On A Leash, PM on it's way! Kent was 12" only.
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  8. Re: the above, it's now been confirmed they're re-issuing the debut album. On vinyl. For Record Store Day, via Rough Trade. It'll have a free flexi disc, with In The City from their Radio 1 session on, and a fanzine. Note the original LP had a fanzine and a flexi, but that contained an exclusive cover of Cleopatra (Adam & The Antz), so it's not exactly the same, but very similar. My advice would be to track down the original LP instead, and indeed the full BBC radio sessions compilation. It doesn't even say it's been remastered. Utterly underwhelmed.
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  9. *trash can emoji*
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  10. I'd expect that the visit to Abbey Road was all about cutting a new master for 'Elastica'.
  11. Yes, probably, but you'd think they'd mention that in the post!
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  12. [​IMG]



    Salad have just launched a pledge pre-order. As Salad Undressed (stripped down and re-worked Salad songs by 50% of the band), they've been touring for a year or two, and have decided to record a new album in this style (Good Love Bad Love). But also, they have two unreleased Salad albums (The Lost Album Vol. 1/2), culled from over 30 songs recorded back in 1996-98 and originally intended for their third full length release, plus a pre-Salad compilation album (Aeroplane Sadness) of early recordings and demos when they were known as The Merry Babes. The full four piece band will be getting back together in October for the first time, too. I was a big fan, so I'm really happy (but skint).
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  13. Oh wow, thanks for posting! I'm definitely up for that!
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  14. My pleasure! I'm just glad someone else likes them here!
  15. Elastica were invited to reform for the Meltdown Festival (June 9th-18th) by this year's curator, M.I.A. (one time Justine Frischmann flatmate); that's interesting!
  16. Salad now have a website, to go with the sold out shows, forthcoming new album, unreleased third album and pre-Salad demos CDs/LPs! They're now represented by the same management/promo/booking team looking after The Darling Buds, Echobelly, Jesus Jones, EMF, The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat itself, The Frank & Walters, etc., so they're in good company. It pleases me no end to see all these cool indie bands from the 90s enjoying re-connecting with their audience and making new music without the pressure of top 40 hits and the strangle-hold of a major label.
  17. Salad. They ring a vague bell. Did they have any bangers?
  18. Not sure "banger" is the right word, but here's three of their best...

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  19. Have we discussed Pillow Queens? Lamacq has been playing "Rats" quite a bit. Very late-90s sounding but great, was interesting to hear Leonie Cooper say on Round Table that they reminded her of Chicks, as I had that thought too.

    Just the one EP so far, by the look of it.
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  20. I heard that today, very pleasing to the ears
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