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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by codecat, Nov 10, 2018.

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  2. Was this thread really necessary? YES BECAUSE:
    1. I have classes to do and I thought well why not procrastinate some more
    2. ASMR

    Also thank you @junglefish, I went through your beautiful threads for some "inspiration" aka I stole your jush x
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  3. What is ASMR? I've asked a well known search engine a number of times, but I still do not know.
  4. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or getting high via YouTube
  5. Talentry! You're a whore for dragging Wonderland though.

    meoributeo balkkeutkkaji modeun geol
    naui modeun geol nan chatgo sipeo
    hanahana nune damgo sipeun geol
    jageun geotkkaji nan algo sipeo baby

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  6. Wonderland is a classic and I won't hear a word against it!

    Gugudan has frustrated me because they seem to go between releasing songs that showcase how incredible they could be (A Girl Like Me, Not That Type, Chococo in parts) and songs that fall flat (The Boots, SEMINA, Chococo in parts). They've got the parts to be great, but they just need to put them together consistently.
  7. ddddddd I like Wonderland but I like this Not That Type performance video a bit more:

  8. ...

    ...anyway! While we wait for a Hani fancam/Miniskirt miracle, here's a cute Relay Dance video:

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  9. Watching unboxings and sadly contemplating how Gugudan have the most bland photobooks.
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  10. @JellyfishEntertainment @JellyfishEntertainment @JellyfishEntertainment

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  11. The new mini is pretty solid. I am a gugutron.
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  12. Hmmm let me update this thread a little bit:
    • gugudan are still flopping;
    • They were on Weekly Idol (here's a link) - highlights include: a hilarious, failed attempt to remake their The Boots acapella, Sejeong saying that it sucks that people aren't paying attention to the other members, Hana speaking (and singing in) "French", a caption mentioning Haebin as Haeyoncé
    • Here's a new Dance Practice video for Not That Type - put on your sweatpants and get to work fags
  13. I'm genuinely shqqk at this. Well maybe not on the digital sales. But their physical album sales have also been dismal. WHERE ARE THE SEJEONG UNCLE FANS WHEN YOU NEED THEM??? Flops men.
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  14. At least Gugu are maintaining a solid fanbase. They’ve consistently sold around 20k since their debut.
    Compare them with PRISTIN, another group with ex-IOI members, who went from selling 43k to 27k to 18k...
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  15. According to this, they haven't reached 20k yet?

    That's why I'm worried for them.
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  16. Eaux. I didn’t keep track of Act 5’s sales ddd. That’s worrying yeah, 6k total is... shocking.
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  17. I'm all about the arts and fuck the charts but it feels like I'm being punched in the gut every time I look at their overall chart positions and sales. I love an underdog, I pray incessantly to the Virgem de Fátima for gugudan to finally get their AOA breakthrough moment, but it's hard to not let my optimism dwindle when the talent is RIGHT THERE and being paid dust. I think Jellyfish has finally understood that having IOI/PD101 girls isn't worth shit for your group's popularity, but seeing how a Sejeong-heavy comeback like The Boots did better than Not That's likely we're getting another one of those (and IF we're getting a comeback in the next 6 months). I'd like to be dead wrong though...
  18. I love these songs equally so I'm happy either way. I love that gugudan finally found a sound that works for them too. DIA can't relate.

    BUT if Haebin goes missing again on their music videos, there will be blood. I don't even know why I support Haebin so much shdgfsha. Basically I just want her and her superior vocals to shine more.
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  19. she surprised tho considering Jellyfish pay the other members complete dust?
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they do just fine in terms of "recent girlgroups who haven't really fully crossed through the mainstream", no?

    I feel like they're doing similar numbers to groups like April or Oh My Girl, but maybe I'm wrong?
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