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Gwen Stefani - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by proolst, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. If this sucks, I will be so so sad. I want to stan again.
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  2. I'm keeping my expectations horrifyingly low so I won't be disappointed when its a guitar driven ballad about marriage, kids, and Christ.
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  3. Yes! I expect one or two of these, and I will honestly probably enjoy them, but ONLY if one is track 9 and the other is a Japanese bonus track.
  4. I think this is going to give people the idea he's featured even though he's not.

    I guess it's not coming tonight.
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  5. It's official!

  6. srgdtonftjgdyjhfvjnj!!!!!

    That’s no country Christmas.
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  7. I am HAPPY.

    If it's still a country song with that cover I'm going to sue her.
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    Consider me officially intrigued.
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  9. Yay, it's official! The cover is amazing and I'm happy to see that her classic font is back!
    Country Christmas mix New Gwen is coming.

    Releasing it on Monday is a bit odd, but I'm very much excited for this song.
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  11. I’m gonna scream if she’s trolling and her reintroduction is into the world of country music.
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  12. Give us another masterpiece, Queen! <3
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  13. Please don't be terrible. Or worse, boring.
  14. RMK


    Hope she's doing the throwback to LAMB justice. Can't believe country is a possibility.

    this reply made me scream:

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  15. I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s could be amazing, but the cover leads me to believe it could be Spark The Fire-esque.
    And before the Pharrell brigade emerges on me, I don’t hate Spark The Fire but I also don’t need another one. Argue with your mama!
  16. As a sometime Pharrell apologist and someone who doesn't hate Spark The Fire, I hope it remains the last thing they do together. I really don't need him shoehorning himself into yet another one of her videos despite not having any vocals on a track
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  17. I don't think she's worked with Pharrell recently?

    The cover is bright and pop and I'm PERCHED.
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  18. Yeah, I agree that it should stay away from being remotely like "Spark the Fire". That overly gimmicky thing would've been way too forced at this point.
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  19. The cover art is terrible but I love it gndjsns

    Yas shine a spotlight on the fact your personas were focus grouped to death
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