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Gwen Stefani - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by proolst, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. So what about the album?
  2. She said she’s basically done, but she wants to spend time with Blake on their “honeymoon” (aka following him on tour) before finishing out her Vegas residency and then album.
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  3. Oh that’s good I guess!
  4. How is following some looser man around a honeymoon? It’s that called a groupie? How far she’s fallen. The lost potential. I weep.
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  5. ...I'm really beginning to think some of y'all don't know anything about Gwen Stefani other than LAMB at this point.

    Besides, it's her honeymoon and if she wants to spend it being mushy and playing what appears to be approximately 3 songs a night - one of which is a career-highlight massive hit that she wrote - with her new husband, let her do that.
  6. I need to just create an online class called Gwen Stefani 101 where I teach misguided homosexuals the basic facts of Gwens personality and her very obvious patterns over 30 years so we can just clear up these misconceptions once and for all.
  7. I mean I could care less about that Howdy Doody looking mother clucker but Gwen seems extremely happy. I think considering everything she went through with her last marriage, she deserves that happiness.

    I'm sure the music will come. It did take her 10 years to follow up The Sweet Escape. I don't believe we will have to wait that long for this album.
  8. She's literally the most hopeless romantic in the world. She dives in 1000% to any person she loves. She moved to London with Gavin. She wore a bindi for Tony, for crying out loud. Just cause we think Blake is literally the most white bread person in the universe and aren't as excited about her slowly turning into his mini-me, doesn't mean we have to rewrite history about Gwen's past and how deeply she loves.
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  9. Are you a fan since the ND days? Asking out of curiosity.

    Also, I don't mean to be one of those people, but I don't think it's up to you or any of us to decide on who she finds happiness with. Do I like Blake Shelton? - No! But I don't think that, or anyone else's opinion matters to her.

    She's "fallen" in love - and that's all the falling that she has done.

    Let's be patient with the album. She always delivers (minus a few missteps here and here... Spark The Fire, for instance). She will, undoubtedly deliver again, when she chooses to release the album.
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  10. Gwen always said since the No Doubt days that her dream was being married and having children, and not still work in the industry after starting a family. And in reality she did both and she’s still doing it so be grateful. Also I don’t care about Blake but she’s clearly very happy and she deserves it.
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  11. Get a grip.
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  13. I think the sentiment comes from people having have lumped Gwen into the whole “I don’t need a man” image of feminist artists when she was in No Doubt (which I blame hit single “Just A Girl” for that).

    Gwen is feminist in that she has chosen to follow her men, not that it was forced onto her.

    Oooph! End this thread because this is it!
  14. Not a looser man nooo.
  15. I know it comes off as total cringe but let them be, Gwen literally goes all in on her men as previously stated.
  16. Happy birthday to Gwen!

  17. Her remix of “Southside” not being on streaming in the US is a travesty.
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  18. It’s suspiciously absent from Moby’s Best Of too.
  19. These picks >>>>
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  20. It was included on the VMP re-issue of Play, but it's so weird how it's still not available to stream. We also need the video remastered in HD, because the one on Moby's channel is literally a cropped Promo Only rip.
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