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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by proolst, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. This is still my favourite song off The Sweet Escape.

    So good.
  2. Milestone?! Gwen, you've spent the last decade pretending this album doesn't exist.
  3. The Sweet Escape is a great album, one I love dearly even if it lacks the astronomical highs of the debut.
  4. Hello????

  5. The video isn't available for me, but I hope it's "Wonderful Life". Might even be my all-time favourite song by Gwen.

    "The Sweet Escape" is a really good album and houses quite a few guilty pleasures of mine, these being the most obvious examples:

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  6. The way all of these videos are geoblocked
  7. It is indeed Wonderful Life.

    Both of your videos are blocked for me. How annoying!
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  8. And just like that, a few hours ago this appeared.

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  9. It appears that all of Gwen's and album tracks from "Tragic Kingdom", "Return of Saturn" and "Rock Steady" are blocked in Northern America, among other regions. They better fix that soon.
  10. Yeah, that's bizarre
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  11. Wait, does this mean a re-release is immenent? This looks official.
  12. I think there will just be a streaming release at best. The one for L.A.M.B. didn't have any new tracks anyway.
  13. The channel it’s on has 1 subscriber and a whole bunch of fanmade single covers on the audios, so I’m guessing it’s not legit
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  14. Oops, I should say it doesn't have as many astronomical highs. 4 In the Morning, Fluorescent, Early Winter and Wonderful Life are god tier and I still love the title track. If I were to list L.A.M.B.'s highs it would be the whole album bar Hollaback Girl (still a classic) and Long Way To Go.
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  15. “YUMMY,” BEASTS.
  16. U Started It though.
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  17. Wind It Up is maybe the most insane, worst choice for a lead single by a pop girl ever but I still love it. Invented hyperpop etc.
  18. Truly every track on the album has merit except “Breakin’ Up,” which is a mess and not in the fun way.
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  19. upu


    Yummy should have be a single instead of 4 In the Morning.
    Her single choices was very odd.
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  20. I think Me! takes the cake there. At least Wind It Up has the Sound of Music sample to give it some extra personality.

    4 In the Morning was one of the only obvious single options she had.
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