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Gwen Stefani - Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. I actually heard this on the radio in the car recently and it’s very radio friendly. It’ll be the challenge of building hype for her brand and to get the younger demographic onboard.

    Her duet with Blake went #1 on Country Radio, though, but I can’t imagine them supporting this song.
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  2. This is very “all black people look the same” nn the irony
  3. I loved L.A.M.B. and was all set to commit to The Sweet Escape. But it turned out to be such an experience...

    I still can’t find the courage to revisit it in full, choosing only to embrace its brilliant moments.
  4. In an ideal world we would have had a Gwen solo album every 5 years and a No Doubt album every 2.
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  5. I was thinking about this last night and it's interesting how out of all the big pop icons who write their own material, she's the only one who has such a temperamental muse. She's talked at length about her struggles with writer's block, but then once the inspiration hits, she can't be stopped. I think that has a lot to do with her releases not being on a more regular schedule.
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  6. I think it’s this, as well as her being so busy with clothing lines, tv, touring, etc. and being a mom. Suddenly there’s no time for anything else.
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  7. Personally I LOVE The Sweet Escape, bops after bops just like LAMB so I really don’t get the hate.
    Yummy is a masterpiece, hypnotic!
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  8. Yummy and it's chaotic ending nearly made my Dad crash his car once when I played the album on the stereo. despite that I adore it.
  9. I hope that she brings back Nellee Hooper as producer.
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  10. I’m choosing to believe that whole account is trolling.
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  11. Her look for The Voice performance was a gag.

  12. Asia O'Hara really slayed the makeover challenge!

  13. Re-listening to Yummy and there's shades of SOPHIE/PC music here. Ahead of her time.
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  14. In this video she basically confirms there was zero concept for the last record.

  15. Gwen's personality and being reflective, authentic and honest made me feel the album did in fact have a concept. It didn't feel conceptless to me or faceless, despite songs like "Asking 4 It" sounding completely different from "Truth" there was something invisible hovering above the album that glued it all together - Gwen herself.

    So the likely concept for the upcoming project is her reintroducing herself?
    Her MDNA is coming
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  16. HMD


    I think The Sweet Escape is pretty solid and the ballads on it are amongst her best songs.
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  17. This song is stuck in my head.
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  18. I think most of us knew this, she was just writing to get her feelings out
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  19. Is this...supposed to be proving something or
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  20. I think the conceptlessness (What kind of abomination of a word did I just create?) that is alluded to in the video only applies to the cover/art direction? Although I thought it worked perfectly fine, with its handwriting/doodle style and the fact that it's a super personal record. Musically it's clearly a break-up-and-fall-in-love-again album, and to me the only songs that don't really fit in are, as you already mentioned, Asking 4 It and perhaps War Paint.
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