Gwen Stefani - "Purple Irises” (with Blake Shelton) + 5th Album

I thought that many shows was a bit ambitious, especially with no recent music or radio presence.

The Pink date had better happen - it's my only chance to see Ms Gwen strut her stuff.
£75 a ticket before fees, for an artist who hasn't had a hit here in 16 years and hadn't built up that much of a body of work as a solo act in the first place. I don't know what anyone involved in this was thinking, quite honestly.
And gold circle at double that. Plenty of dancing room for anyone who splashed out I'm imagining.
Do we think she’ll release any music to coincide with the tour? Not that it would be a hit, but it could at least remind people she’s still active…
Am I the only one getting daily, increasingly desperate adverts to buy tickets for her UK shows on Facebook? Got to imagine this is not selling well.
I'm getting daily notifications from Spotify telling me she has a show near me at the end of June... that I had at 10:01 the day they went onsale fskdk.

I'm scared it'll be cancelled. I've never seen her before and have golden circle (I wish I'd waited now because I guarantee they'll crash in price).
The tour is fucking stupid.

She could have done a really cute trio of theatre dates or festivals and got some great press out of it, but someone insisted on booking her in these old maiden type of venues that people have to plug into Google maps because they're on the outskirts of nowhere.
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I wonder if this increases the chances of No Doubt ever reforming again?
Unless she and the boys have smoothed things over I think it's safe to say that ship has done and sailed for a while now.

I really do have to wonder what the deal is with new music these days though. Gwen going full red light-green light when it comes to recording isn't a particularly new thing, it'd just be nice to have an update or something. With the way she's scrapped (at least) two albums in the last almost-decade, even a rarities compilation like Everything In Time would be nice.