Gwen Stefani - "Purple Irises” (with Blake Shelton) + 5th Album

I almost feel like a non-traditional approach that allows her to release as-and-when she is creating would work better for her. I don't exactly know how it would look, but when she's having a spurt of creativity then allow her to release an EP or something with a quick turnaround and smaller budget, rather than trying to score cheap hits in order to launch a formal album campaign. If an album comes at some point, great, but releasing the pressure would make sense for her at this stage.

I'm not usually one that enjoys this approach because I'm all about a body of work, but I don't know it that's where she is anymore, and Let Me Reintroduce Myself was so great that I'd rather get that 2-3 times a year than wait another 5 for an album.
I almost feel like a non-traditional approach that allows her to release as-and-when she is creating would work better for her.

She was saying this was the idea with the campaign in 2021, and it's why we got the two singles, because they were essentially what she had ready at the time. But I don't think that really works for someone like Gwen because she's sooo hot and cold about her own work. She seemed really inspired and into recording then, but put it to the side once she got married and launched GXVE. She really is someone who needs a quick rollout before she gets self conscious about the material and decides to scrap it all. Although I will say her instinct is usually right in the end. Truth is a great album, and I'm sure whenever the next one drops that will be good as well.
Honestly, a full tour as Pink's support act would be a really great move for her at this point.
They should have got her on the whole European leg. She's the kind of support act people would show up for, and it would remind a pretty sizeable audience (Pink's last European tour sold well over a million tickets) that she's still around.

Failing that, maybe a few theatre-size dates as already suggested. I don't know what the capacity of these open air shows is like, but it's a lot harder to disguise poor attendance outdoors.
It really felt like she was onto something when Let Me Reintroduce Myself dropped. When the music video dropped, it seemed like the album that followed would be a real victory lap for her - a combination of her pop sensibilities and the origins of No Doubt. Slow Clap was a misfire, but I hope whatever materialized after (with Finneas and other collaborators) see's the light of day.

A quick EP would be a solid idea, especially before a tour.
"Very inspired by Blake Shelton right now"
I believe her. I just don’t know how soon we’ll actually hear anything dd. Hopefully this year, and hopefully without a prolonged rollout. I have a feeling this might end up being her last album before she fully settles into being Blake Shelton’s Wife, who also has a beauty brand and performs “Don’t Speak” and “Hollaback Girl” on the side.