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Gwen Stefani - "Slow Clap (feat. Saweetie)" + 5th album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Guess we can do this now that there's an official announcement

    Single out 12/7
    Album ???

    Little Appropriators assemble!

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  2. VERY odd time to launch an era, but very intrigued!
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  3. Fffff christ.
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  4. I'm guessing it'll be a February album (if we're lucky) and we'll get a couple more singles in between now and then.
  5. The artwork is terrible but that image of her that is supposed to reflect a "new" Gwen is a serve.
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  6. The tassels. Like, what are those about?
  7. She looks amazing
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  8. I hope this comes true this time:

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  9. Do we know who she’s been writing with recently/who produced her new stuff?
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  10. Feels like a continuation of her Met Gala looks

  11. Do we know any of the co-writers and producers she's been working with?

    Also I don't care how long ago this was recorded/leaked, I still want an official release:
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  12. This is the iconic Rebecca More look and if she continues this look the whole era, she will win back the gays she lost.

  13. Luke Niccoli and Ross Golan are names I've seen thrown around. Not sure who else.
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    @mindtrappa @Drew yall ready for another round of “sHe’S cHanGeD” arguments

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  15. Nobody is allowed to say q**rky.
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  16. Gwen is simultaneously aspirational and a cautionary tale, in that she is fundamentally a normie who had a brief period of being just left of center enough to feel challenging, but basically settled on being conventional and seems satisfied with that. With some distance I can better understand why I personally found that trajectory difficult to reckon with.
  17. The tassels and flannel... If she's going the country route, I might be out. Her last album didn't excite me much, and I couldn't care less about her TV career.

    That said, she's still beautiful. I've found her slightly dull this decade, so it may just be one of those cases where she was at her peak in the '90s & early '00s with No Doubt. I figure the new music is likely made to appeal to the people who watch her on TV, but... I'm glad she's still making music, for what it's worth. And maybe it'll be ... good?
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  18. She's said a few times recently that she has no intention of recording country music on her own, and the artwork...really doesn't give off that genre's aesthetics at all. I think we can put that fear to bed.
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  19. Ross Golan's recent credits aren't really giving me country.

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  20. If this phase of her career is a nostalgia exercise maybe she'll do something truly unexpected like re-recording Long Way to Go with Blake.
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