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Gwen Stefani - "Slow Clap (feat. Saweetie)" + 5th album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Yep, the Zane Lowe interview, also the credits for the song
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  2. Global Citizen performance

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  3. Her voice is aging amazingly, isn't it?
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  4. It helps that this is the style it’s best suited to when it comes to live performances as well

    Also we love a good Gwen houndstooth moment

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  5. This had been known ever since the credits were revealed. Also, the song features Gabrial McNair, the trombone player from No Doubt.
    It's quite lovely that she brought them back.
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  6. This outfit is a SHOOT
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  7. I love Gwen’s maturing voice. I really think it’s getting richer
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  8. Came here to say her voice might sound better than it ever has live, right? I saw The Sweet Escape Tour and I remember being shocked how good she sounded live but her voice sounds even fuller now.
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  9. Gwen is such an underrated vocalist, especially for someone who hasn't had any training. I often forget how strong most of her live performances are.

    Loved those performance of "Let Me Reintroduce Myself", too.
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  10. Is this getting a music video ?
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  11. Doubtful. She's been working on The Voice and taping performances. Pretty sure the lyric video is it.
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  12. According to that @ultrasubversive insider it's coming on January 1st and it's 3:40 long.
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  13. Oh, interesting! Well that's exciting. I try not to get my hopes up with her because she's so sporadic nn
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  14. Is this scene constantly on loop in anyone else's mind? Just me? Okay.

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  15. The entire video has lived rent free in my head since 2003. An eternal serve
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  16. I remember "It's My Life" verging dangerously close to overplayed territory that year, but maybe that's just because VH1 played the video as often as possible every morning before I left for class. Also it apparently hung around the TRL countdown for months.

    Ugh, I love No Doubt and Gwen so much.
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  17. It was the precursor to her solo career and the 80s homage of L.A.M.B. as far as I'm concerned. It really was huge on UK radio in 2003 but according to Wiki it flopped here? I choose not to see it.
  18. I remember it getting played a ridiculous amount over here too. Whatever channel you turned on seemed to be showing it.

    But with a video/song that iconic, who minds?
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  19. Yeah, the video was on constantly in summer 2003 along with Madonna's Hollywood. The summer that made me gay.
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