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Gwen Stefani - "Slow Clap (feat. Saweetie)" + 5th album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Dec 5, 2020.

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    This promo game is strong - but where is the album.
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  2. I'd say Ariana joining The Voice is a very positive development if you're a Gwen fan.
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  3. She said she shot the artwork and has a title, so probably sometime this summer.

    There's also a Pandora performance tonight

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  4. I think that she's wasting all of those promo spots on wrong single.
  5. She said on Ellen that she's still working on the album but it's nearly done.
  6. I'm excited by everything so far expect in the actual material. Reintroduce and Slow Clap just aren't hitting for me, they feel like bad copies of the Gwen DNA.

    I hope the album itself is stronger or she puts another single out before then.

    Also - 'Obsessed' on the last page, I'm OBSESSED! Would love her to go in that direction again.
  7. RMK


    Her GMA performance is viewable here
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  8. The quality on these are potato, but she sounds amazing on "Don't Speak"

  9. Recent roundtable interview for Pandora, moderated by Hoda Kotb and featuring Gwen, Becky G, Jazmine Sullivan and Lauren Alaina.

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  10. If only the singles were as strong as the #promo game...
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  11. Slow Clap with Saweetie is coming out next week.

  12. I'm excited! I just know the visual will be top tier.
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  13. Not if the cover art is anything to go by!
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  14. Curious what the video will look like. We saw a short clip of them in a gym or something

  15. Way to make an already bad song even worse.
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  16. ...what exactly is wrong with a Saweetie feature?
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    Uh oh the anti rap police are here!!
  18. You've heard it?
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  19. At least it will hopefully make the track longer than 3 minutes!
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