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Gwen Stefani - "Slow Clap (feat. Saweetie)" + 5th album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Bye. Saweetie can’t rap. She’s a gorgeous girl with an amazing personality but her bars are....subpar.

    Granted, she’s probably the most pop friendly female rapper aside from Doja so I get the feature but Megan, Cardi, Bree, Asian Doll, LightSkinKeisha, JT, Kash Doll, etc would eat up the beat.
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  2. Gwen and Saweetie are a great pair in theory which is why it’s extra disappointing it’s being wasted on something as horrendous as Slow Clap.
  3. She obviously can't afford score Megan or Cardi, and the others are too low profile, she's aiming for some extra exposure with this that Saweetie can bring. Bree, Asian Doll, etc aren't as big as her.
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  4. The more non-Luke Saweetie we can get, the better.
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  5. I'm sort of dreading the video cuz everything about Slow Clap visually has been a head scratcher. The bedazzled cowgirl look is appalling and I'm not quite sure why she's going with school lockers and football jerseys.
  6. According to this article, the album is named Let Me Reintroduce Myself.
  7. Weird that she wouldn't just say that if that's the case dd. She said before she didn't want to reveal it.
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  8. RMK


    Eh. I liked our other guess more
  9. Screaming. Looks like I was right then.
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  10. It's funny to see this as her perspective now when directly after the first 2 solo albums she kind of dissed this process, saying something to the effect of "you go in and write with the people who write with Christina Aguilera and it just didn't feel right to me".
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  11. Even funnier since she basically said the same thing when working on Truth. She scrapped that entire 2014 album because she hadn’t had a big hand in the writing dd
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  12. The track is available now in some regions and will be released midnight local time everywhere.


    I really like Saweetie's verse and think her contribution is a great addition to the song. As a listener the original mix feels a bit too similar throughout (although being so short stops me losing interest), so Saweetie's verse feels like it comes in at just the right moment to change things up.
    There's a throwback reference to Hollaback Girl in Saweetie's lyrics too. Maybe a bit on the nose, but with the 'reintroduction' theme of everything this works well.
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  13. Not me thinking the whole throwback thing was just going to be limited to the lead single, only for it to be the basis of entire album (and possibly the title?). I’m a little skeptical now, but I will wait for the whole package before judging.

    Also I love the remix and hope this is the version that makes the album.
  14. This gives the song the something extra it needed to be great. I hope this is the one they use on the album.
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  15. I liked the song already, but it does give it a little kick in the ass.
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  16. Also does anyone recognize who she’s with in the studio on her stories?
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  17. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Nothing against Saweetie or adding rap verses for a remix, that's been a standard for 30 years now, but once you have Gwen in a locker room with kids jumping in the gym, it's all a little too 'Cool Mom'.
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  18. Isn't that her brand for fifteen years now?
  19. Yeah, sis was dressed as a whole cheerleader when she was 35 nn. Although not thrilled to go back to high school with Gwen for a second time.
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