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Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. No stan base should have to go through that. If we get another 'Bionic' or 'Lotus' era followed by Xtina disappearing again I'm downgrading from stan to fan.
  2. Love that shot!
  3. I love her so much.
  4. If this is Gwen's Lotus then where the fuck is her Your Body?
  5. Spark The Fire is total trash.
  6. 'Start a War' is the Sia-penned Pharrell track on the album.

  7. Still loving everything that's not related to Baby Don't Lie about this era. Of course, "Sia-penned Pharrell track" is a worrying thing. But you just know even that is not as bland as Baby Don't Lie.
  8. I feel like this sentence is an unintentional glimpse into the future.
  9. I read it three times in the article, and I'm still not sure what they're saying. Are they referring to the original December release?
  10. I feel like they've trying to say that it wasn't meant to happen, like it's a miracle it is happening, sort of?
  11. Yes, I think it was a typo. It must have been "…which very nearly didn't come to be," or something similar.
  12. I think she's referring to work with No Doubt with that one. She talks about wanting to work with Diplo and Pharrell again.
  13. I think a Pharrell track written by Sia is the last thing the world needs at this point.
  14. A Sia penned, Pharrell produced, Rita Oral featuring track would prove beyond reasonable doubt that Gwen is partially trolling with this entire release. It would explain Spark The Fire at least.
  15. Her constant referring to Pharrell at every opportunity leaves me with little hope for any future music she's doing. This is Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, they don't need producers like him.
  16. As a fan it breaks my heart when I hear bad music which was produced "to entertain the masses with current trends" like Hard Candy, Britney Jean, MDNA, etc. And now Gwen is doing it. I'd prefer her not to release anything solo and do all these low-quality tracks under No Doubt. Sorry to sound dramatic but two really bad tracks (after all these years) in a row is something to complain about as a stan.
  17. "do all these low-quality tracks under No Doubt"

    Except No Doubt have always been far better than Gwen is so solo...
  18. Great interviews. I'm glad that A) she's slowing down this album a bit and not rushing it and B) she seems to have realised she can balance solo music with No Doubt. Hopefully the residual guilt that lingers reagrding her solo stuff will disappear, now. The headline TIME ran with, though... major side-eye from me. Especially considering they were the ones with that "She owes us an apology!1!!1!" article.

    I love her styling for this album, dip dyed hair and all.
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  19. I hope Chris Martin writes her a song.
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