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Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Oh no, if newyorknewsgrio says so it must be true!
  2. No surprise about the tour bombing. Given that she abdicated her throne as one of the big pop girls a decade ago, she really needed to do smaller venues or just scalp diehard fans for VIP packages, and sell out the rest of the venues on low cost tickets.
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  3. Check the ticketmaster website for pretty much every date. The sea of blue is bleak dahhhhhhling (Mariah voice).
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  4. There was a song I didn't recognise of hers playing in the background of her snapchat story the other day. Could've just been something I've yet to hear yet (like Warpaint) or maybe she's already back in the studio?

    I really hope she doesn't do a Hilary and hold off making music again now after this 'comeback' (I use that term loosely).
  5. No Doubt should tour instead and Gwen can do a solo section.
  6. She should do a Ladies of the Voice tour and hit the road with Xtina and Shakira. THEN I'd pay $100+ for tickets.
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  7. That's actually a really amazing idea. Shakira probably doesn't need the help as much, but a joint Gwen / Christina tour would benefit both of them. They are both about on the same level of relevance.
  8. Sia can open for them!
  9. Sia could fill those venues alone.
  10. How embarrassing her tickets sales are so sluggish. I feel bad for Gwen. I see deals for her tour on Groupon.
    I don't know why she went in such large venues in a lot of these locations. In Atlanta, instead of the 12,000 capacity venue, she should have done the Chastain Park Ampitheatre for like 6,500 capacity with more reasonable ticket prices. It's a great venue right in Buckhead.
  11. I'm honestly surprised they didn't do this. It's actually a genius idea.

    I can see Gwen and Shakira agreeing to it, but I honestly can't picture Christina agreeing to this at all.
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  12. Good news for me.
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  13. Yeah, I can't imagine Christina agreeing to tour with two other major female artists. She was fine with the Justin tour back in the day because she was still the main female attraction, but Gwen and Shakira would draw attention away from her and that's a no-no.
  14. The venue here (DC) is literally the worst.
  15. I agree she might not wanna share the spotlight, but of these 3 women I would actually say Christina is still top dog. Not that any of them are a huge deal right now.
  16. Smh at those prices. Love you queen, but this is not 2005.
  17. Yeah, for front row I'm not paying $321 +tax to hear her yodel some of my favorite songs.

    Next time, Gwennie Gwen Gwen.
  18. Blue???

    I'd like some consistency, please -- especially if it's not going to be found in the album itself.
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  19. I think the biggest fight would be who goes on last. I would imagine they would all demand to go on last and all negotiations would halt there.
  20. They would all look at their Voice pay checks and realise who deserves to go last.
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