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Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Both of her previous solo tours (one international) were in arenas, and went well in all respects.

    Arenas for this tour, however, was definitely a misfire. As @BEST FICTION said, they should've used the Mastercard theatre shows as a blueprint and expanded on that. It's been too long since her last solo album, with nothing but an underselling No Doubt album, a stint on "The Voice", and a divorce in between.
  2. I'll give it a week maximum before we get

  3. I really thought there would be a cancellation, but I guess not. She's been quiet on twitter, but the tour is still being promoted. I will be there for sure. Please don't cancel at the last minute. Gwen is a a tireless performer on stage. .

    I adore the Misery video. It's stunning visually and love the fashion.

    Here's the making of the video, which makes me love it more. She is beautiful, ageless.

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  4. 4 tickets for $40. MesS.
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  5. I can't see how they can go forward with such low sales. I blame her management for this, putting her in all large venues. Smaller venues would have been killer for her.
  6. Ticketmaster used the Gwen show as free vouchers for its class action lawsuit. So many of the lawn seats (gen admission) for her DC show were actually FREE. This is what the truth feels like.
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    This is all very very sad. All my faves are flopping live.
  8. You know those awful arena shows you go to where half the audience are sat down, drinking, on their phone, talking, and looking like they'd rather be anywhere else (and will only stand up for the last song of the night when the artist plays the one song they actually know). This is going to be the vibe x1000 for Gwen's Tour. Utterly awful.
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  9. This is every show anyway except for acts that have teen / bootchie fanbases though?
  10. The crowd was lit at CĂ©line Dion theaux.
  11. Nahhh our pussies were poppin' at Fleetwood Mac. (No joke. Everyone was on their feet throughout).
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  12. I just wanted to use bootchie in a post let ha live!
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    I have no idea why but people were on their feet for the entire Jess Glynne gig in Dublin too.
  14. Maybe Gloria Estefan was working the merch?
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    I'd die to see Gloria live. I was thirsty for a Miss Little Havana tour...
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  16. Iconic
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  17. Her 2 LA dates have sold so well - with the first basically sold out - which is all very annoying as some of you are able to go for free.
  18. This is a shame as Gwen deserves more and is a great live performer.
  19. Gwen's mini concert at Samsung in the Meatpacking District in NYC last month. A few minutes cut off in the beginning.

  20. That fake relationship with Blake Shelton messed things up for her. After her divorce, I was expecting such a great album, but instead we got a teenage album of love songs like 'make me like you'. Not a good look when your almost 50.

    So many people see it as fake and are not buying it. Not surprised her songs and tour flopped since they have been a 'couple'

    i know who celebs date is nobody's business, but they have been so public and in your face with this 'romance' such as on social media, that everybody just couldn't help but roll their eyes, and move on to the next artist.
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