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Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. She doesn't perform Rare?

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  2. Apparently there were fireworks going off (this was an outdoor venue) so she didn't actually complete the show. Not sure if this is just my friend's reasoning and trying to cope with "Truth" not being performed, but that's what I was told, ha.
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  3. I am so gutted there's no Getting Warmer or Splash.
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She performs 'Red Flag' and 'Wind It Up' and no 'Truth', 'Rare', and/or 'Getting Warmer'?Girl, bye!
  5. Seriously. I almost feel trolled.
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  6. The tour doesn't 'officially' begin until the 12th though, tonight was a free concert was it not? It doesn't look like there was any elaborate staging or costume changes from what I've seen on instagram, so perhaps there might be a few additional songs when the tour properly kicks off as well.

    Its not a bad setlist though. Switch out "Obsessed" for "You're My Favourite" and add on "Rare" and its basically perfect.
  7. There was always going to be much missing from this list, but what I really don't like is shows that end with old songs. Just add Rare as the last song and it's pretty perfect.
  8. Naughty is there but no Rare.
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  9. Leaving out 'Truth' and 'Rare' in favour of 'Naughty' or 'Obsessed' is inexcusable.

    'Baby Don't Lie' can stay because it still knocks ("whatchu hidin' boy?" breakdown aside).
  10. So this is how she repays the 57 people who actually showed up to this tour?
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  11. Obsessed is one of the worst things she's ever done.

    Troll queen.
  12. I love Obsessed but it does seem like a weird live addition. So glad she performed Naughty too.
  13. Imagine if this is the stage though. That's what happens when you have a 28 date tour and only 46 people going to see it, you get basic.
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  14. I'm setting up setlist school and gwen, rihanna and beyonce are the first to sign up. Because the recent setlists are a god damm mess and they have got to stop
  15. So, the This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour doesn't actually include the song the entire album and tour is built around? Hmmm well ain't that the truth?
  16. I said to gwen we want the truth she said we can't handle the truth
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  17. I'm hoping she changes things up. On first quick glance last night when I was buzzed, the set looked solid but seeing that it's missing some of the best songs... I'm a little bummed.
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  19. RJF


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  20. Glad they're getting this in so early because I'm not sure the tour will go on much longer than that.

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