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Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. I genuinely can't think of a time I've seen a pop star actually go out to an audience this tragic. I'm surprised they're going through with it. The stage will have to be wildly bare / no frills for them to be making any sort of profit on this. I don't even see how that's possible. As of right now, this is what tomorrow night's audience will look like...


    Yes... blue = unsold.
  2. Keri Hilson comes to mind


    Honestly, how poorly planned out. I'm sad for Gwen.
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  3. Praying she doesn't cancel by next Saturday, I'm still really excited about it.
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  4. Oh dear Lord the live stream is going to be amazing for all the wrong reasons, I hope the 64 people in the audience are extra loud and ready for there extreme close ups
  5. This just killed keri a little bit, showing her this picture triggers her ptsd
  6. I'm perched for how messy it's going to translate. The Cinematographer better give that iconic gif.
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  7. It drives me mad that faded 1990s rock bands can tour successfully for years on the strength of a few minor hits, but absolute icons like Gwen can barely attract an audience not long after their heyday.
  8. Seriously, is she gonna make 'Rare' a single or is the era as good as over?
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  9. I want to cry for her but how ill advised.
  10. She still looks fucking amazing...
  11. But if a popstar looks snatched in an arena where there are no people to see, is she really snatched at all?
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  12. That picture of the seats... all that blue... I'm so sad!

    I would have gone if she came to my state tho.
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  13. The difference is that most of those rockers had a huge fanbase at one point. Gwen's pop career was abrupt - she's best known as the frontman for No Doubt, and if they went on tour it would sell just fine. Don't get me wrong; I feel bad for Gwen. But everyone is right, this is simply poor planning on her + her teams part. The album didn't make a dent, they shouldn't be expecting her to sell out shows in venues this size (much less at the prices they asked). She's playing at one of the smaller known venues in Toronto and hasn't even sold 50% of the seats. It's a huge music market, most bands play two / three nights at larger venues when they come here. It was obvious very quickly that this tour wasn't going to sell, I can't imagine why they've gone ahead with it.
  14. We're to blame.

    Rock music fans offer endless devotion to the same handful of old acts, and force the younger generations to become fans as well until the act achieves classic status. Pop music fans ditch the artist as soon as a shiny brand new one appears.
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  15. I'm ready for the sequel to this:
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  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    That is so mean!

    but kii
  17. Poor Cici, couldn't even muster a crowd for a free performance.
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  18. This is so true. I love all types of music, and a lot of the rock bands I go to see live began their careers in the 80s and 90s (some even earlier). Pop stars, with a few exceptions, simply aren't designed to run that long, because audiences grow tired faster. Especially with female pop stars, once looks begin to fade / a hot new thing comes around, audiences leave you. But look at someone like Madonna - she still sells out arena shows instantly and puts on fantastic tours. It's possible, but artists have to be smart about how they build and maintain their audience. Gwen has never been known as a must-see live performer in the way that Britney and Beyonce are, and she hasn't had a solo hit since 2006.
  19. I had to look up that performance.... tragic.
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  20. Sis. I know you're a Britney fan but there's a time and a place to bring her up.
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