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Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. I'm a Gwen fan, too. And whether you like Britney or just use her as an opportunity to make reductive jokes, she and Beyonce were known as great live performers from early on in their careers. They've always had memorable performances and put on big shows. I was making a general statement and used those two as an example - there are certain pop stars know for great stage shows and others known for vocals. Gwen isn't known as either an exciting stage performer or a great vocalist. There's no big draw to see her live.
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  2. Did you even read his post and try to understand his point, or were you just too excited to throw unnecessary shade?
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  3. I read and understood it completely. That comparison just didn't make sense. I mean I bought $25 tickets to the Circus Tour so it didn't really apply to Gwen's situation.
  4. Gwen's main appeal as a popstar was the fact that she was cool. And not even in a meticulously elaborated kind of way - she was effortlessly cool. Her rock band background, bubbly personality and colourful fashion were always her main draw. However, during the gap between The Sweet Escape and Baby Don't Lie she levelled up into standard celebrity status, but in turn lost all her edge. This is exactly what happened to Shakira as well.
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  5. Her priorities definitely changed with her children, and that's okay. Even now there's still something really effortless about her. Like I think she's the coolest celeb mom around.

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  6. I blame Blake.
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  7. Gwen should collab with Nelly and Fergie for a quick bop.
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  8. Damn that stadium is empty.
  9. Isn't it all about audience though?

    Not to echo more Fergie vs. Gwen comparisons, but it's clear Gwen has aged her sound and tried to move to an older audience (whether or not purposefully after Spark The Fire's tanking). Maybe she could have sold-out a few theatre shows with the right marketing and targeting, but Eve as a opening act? Why would Eve appeal to anyone, let alone the HAC listeners who actually bought Gwen's album? What millennials or 00s tumblrites even bought 'Truth' that a nostalgia-fest would appeal to them?

    The route she should have gone, if she wanted to tour this album, was touring with Blake and milking that more because it's the only thing that seems to have worked to attract the moms who hear her music on VH1 in the morning and who lowkey 'ship' her & Blake.

    Apparently lots of No Doubt fans don't like her solo material, and even if Truth isn't too different from her other two albums, it was promoted on vastly different channels / formats than the other two were, so she's not going after the people who probably love her 7-9 year-old hits. So all she has left is whoever really liked this album - probably Voice viewers and Blake fans, who aren't going to pay to see Hollaback Girl done live. She's alienated her different audiences before building up a new reliable one. Just look at how even most of her twitter support is things like the "#SHEFANI Family".
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  10. @Sanctuary In short: the most loyal portion of Gwen's fanbase is dull so she should be duller.
  11. Vanilla does what vanilla do.
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  12. This shh is vanilla. V-A-N-I-double L-A.
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  13. I gotta say, this album didn't end up having a huge life span for me. I basically listened to it in March and some of April and barely any since. But I still really like it and maintain that its a strong album.

    She should've just played smaller venues. Even IF Used to Love You and Make Me Like You were smashes she wouldn't be selling out the places she's booked in.
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  14. I hear this is the screensaver on rihanna's computer
  15. RJF


    They're surely going to be giving tickets away tonight to avoid humiliation, right? Are Yahoo! filling the show as well as filming it?
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  16. I can just imagine the crowd is going to be 97% curtained off and 56 people people sat down not getting into it, while one lonely banner reads where is rare bitch
  17. She needs to get a new manager. This should never have happened.
  18. Saw a girl on twitter say her family got 8 tickets but were too lazy to go. Poor Gwen! She deserves better
  19. Is Irving Azoff still her manager? It would explain so much.
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