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Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. She should have played theaters in the US and maaayyybe do bigger venues in Europe. I feel like Europeans operate more on nostalgia than our American counterparts.
  2. They'll have to put in some work moving everybody from the back down to the front and filling the GA pit in front of the stage. I imagine they won't bother actually curtaining anything off, but I do think they'll want to make sure the first sections are a bit more full. I've never seen anything like this so I'm not quite sure that the protocol would be. I just keep thinking of Gwen walking out to that crowd and cringing for her.
  3. Yeah, they can. I think it's for 24 hours.
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    Hopefully someone rips it. Would makeba nice Friday evening in considering it's quite unlikely travelling out of the US
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  5. I do envy whoever is attending tonight as leaving the venue should be a breeze. I saw Lana at the same place and it must have taken over an hour to get out!
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    It really is a tragic story. This album has been the soundtrack to the last few months for me. Gutted that its all had to end this way.
  7. Well this started with her mic not being on for the first minute of Red Flag.
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  8. I thought we had another Cheryl at Stand Up to Cancer moment there.
  9. Red Flag is such a weird song to start with. I like her top. I wish she would retire the black tips.
  10. I love Baby Don't Lie so much. More than some of Truth to be honest.
  11. Well they are filming it quite well, as to not see the sea of empty seats. It actually looks very full at the front blocks!

    Hopefully this will be available for a few days and someone rips it so that we can watch it again after it goes off the page!
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  12. I hope the audience is die hards cuz Red Flag, Baby Don't Lie, and Obsessed being 3/4 of the first songs is sorta blah.
  13. The audience is dead so far.
  14. She performed Obsessed really well. Her vocals aren't perfect but she has lots of energy.
  15. The chorus of Where Would I Be sounds pretty bad in this key with the live backing vocals.
  16. They upgraded a bunch of the lawn seats before the show.
  17. I always forget how much I love Cool until I hear it again.
  18. Crowd proving they are indeed alive with the opening notes of "Cool"
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