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Gwen Stefani - This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Would any of those have done... anything?

    The only thing I could see doing differently is pushing Misery first, but Used To Love You took off because of just a magical sequence of events and timing taking place - aka luck. Maybe Misery should have been second? Make Me Like You didn't do much, but maybe Misery wouldn't have as a 2nd single either.
  2. Used To Love You & Make Me Like You did ok considering Gwen's age and how long she's been out of the game.

    Used To Love You
    Billboard Hot 100 - #52
    Mediabase/Top 40 Radio #20

    Make Me Like You
    Billboard Hot 100 #54
    Mediabase/Top 40 Radio #23

    At least she scored 2 minor "hits". Better than none of the singles charting at all.
  3. I would like to think that being around Gwen and her people will broaden Blake's views. Who knows. The relationship has always had a whiff of doom about it though.
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  4. As much as I love Kacey, let's not pretend she's not problematic either: [​IMG]

    "This Is What The Truth Is" is still such a great body of work. Perfect amount of summer bops.
  5. I mean, what she's saying is still equal despite being pro guns. She probably mostly meant that tongue in cheek since that's very much her.
  6. Basically delete country music.
  7. "He says what he thinks" Yeah and it's all lies and bigoted garbage to whip up the white racist nationalists in America. Also Blake talking about people "beating up" on Trump supporters when we've had video evidence of his supporters beating the hell out of protestors at his rallies and even each other. In short anyone with a whiff of Trump support coming from them are absolute trash and there have been actual studies done that his support is indeed rooted in plain old racism.
  8. There's no reason to dissect who the worst player in country music is when the entire culture is rooted in bigotry.
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  9. So carry on as I always have? Nice.
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  10. NO! Don't delete Carrie Underwood.
  11. The vegan queen can stay, but only because she's adorable.
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  12. You don't like her music? Seriously?
  13. Bro-country like Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, etc. is the worst trend in music since EDM and I can't wait for it to not be a thing anymore, but painting the whole genre with that brush is a little unfair.

    I say that as someone who doesn't even care for most modern country as is.
  14. Carrie? No. At least I've never heard a song by her I like. I really, really don't like country. But I do think she seems like a cool person.
  15. Carrie's music is more pop-country than it is country. How do you not like Before He Cheats? It's this generation's You Oughta Know.
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  16. I'm familiar with her singles but they are all still "too country" for me. I like much more European/experimental/electronic (alliteration unintentional) type music. I have a lot of respect for Carrie Underwood though. As a vegan I appreciate her attempts at helping people see we're not all crazy.
  17. Not Sam Hunt!!
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  18. Let's not pretend this tweet and Blake's tweet are remotely similar.

  19. This is the anti-cheating scorned woman anthem Gwen should have delivered us this era tbqh.
  20. Blown Away is high key one of the best songs of all time.
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