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Gwen Stefani - You Make It Feel Like Christmas (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Sep 18, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]

    1. Jingle Bells
    2. Let It Know
    3. My Gift Is You
    4. Silent Night
    5. When I Was A Little Girl
    6. Last Christmas
    7. You Make It Feel Like Christmas (feat. Blake Shelton)
    8. Under the Christmas Lights
    9. Santa Baby
    10. White Christmas
    11. Never Kissed Anyone with Blue Eyes
    12. Christmas Eve​
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  2. I'm so here for this. Give me some bops, some cute covers, and an inevitable duet with Blake that I'll have to delete but will probably be useful for promotional purposes.
  3. Welp. I'm sure the ~**ShEfAnI**~ stans are creaming themselves already over the possibility of a duet.

    I'm sure there's gonna be something here for me to enjoy, though. I'll gladly take more solo Gwen.
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  4. I hate Blake Shelton.
  5. This will bomb on the chart, but I'm weirdly here for it. Her voice would sound incredible on a lot of the Christmas classics, and she has the potential to bring a lot of fun to some original tracks.

    The only thing I'm completely unexcited for her is her inevitable cover of 'Santa Baby'... I already know how it'll sound in my head, and I just can't imagine her bringing anything new to the table even though on paper, it's custom-built for her.
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  6. I'm willing to bet that she has some kind of NBC special lined up.
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  7. Excited for the original tracks only, sorry Gwen.
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  8. Keep it.

    I bloody hate Christmas albums, despite absolutely living for the festive season.
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  9. Oh gweni gwen gwen, Blake really has done one on you
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  10. To be honest, I don't think this will flop (at least not as hard as it could).

    I know that we found her swerve into being the beige chanteuse to be a bit annoying but it was a genius marketing move. Middle aged white moms who read People magazine LIVE for her and it's given her a bit of a resurgence. A Christmas album is the perfect way to capitalize on that.

    I still love her & Truth was a great album after letting it simmer for a bit. Even if her & Blake are a bit annoying, it's nice that she's constantly around and being talked about.
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  11. I mean just a year or so ago you would have thought she would never do something like this but here we are. I was here for Kylie Christmas so I'm not too upset about this as long as it is decent.
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  12. Its not that surprising really I guess. I mean she goes to church every Sunday and seems like someone who gets super into holidays. Its not a big stretch to think she'd want to do an Xmas album.
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  13. RMK


    Tracklist out of order:
    Jingle Bells
    Last Christmas
    You Make It Feel Like Christmas (with Blake Shelton)
    Let It Snow
    Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes Before You*
    My Gift Is You**
    Santa Baby
    Silent Night
    Under The Christmas Lights*
    When I Was A Little Girl*
    White Christmas
    Christmas Tree

    * denotes original, ** denotes possibile original.

    (found on
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  14. She looks snatched but I am not too optimistic about this.
  15. I just...

  16. RMK


    This is an accurate description of all of us right now.
  17. If I'm being totally honest, I'd put up with all her behavior much more easily if the object of her affections weren't… Blake Shelton. It's not quite into "repugnant" territory (like if she were to do this with, say, Sean Penn) but it is completely unfathomable to me.
  18. No fats / No femme teas.
  19. Her voice will sound lovely on some of the classics but really..? Who needs this?
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  20. RMK


    I think only Gwen, honestly.
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