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H.E.R. - Back of My Mind (Album) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lemonsqueezyy, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. She really knocked with both performances. "Damage" definitely had me in my feels.
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  2. "Damage" is definitely a top 3 R&B single of the year for me. It hits deep.
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  3. If you don't know the sample, it's heavenly!

    (incudes Janet)
  4. Her second song, "Hold On," was solid but her first performance on SNL was not good. I mean you have this big gig - YOU'RE the musical guest on Adele's SNL episode- and there was just no spark? The second performance you could feel her heart in it, but the first maybe the nerves took over? I feel bad cause I don't wanna quash anyone's party but she really is just becoming the Arrested Development joke in musician form for me.
  5. “Damage” seems like an unconventional song for her thus far. It’s a little bit more sensual like “Every Kind of Way” (which is my fave) so she’s probably trying to find a good balance of how to perform it. Plus without a guitar in hand, I feel like she feels a little uncomfortable.
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  6. Damage is one of her best imo love everything about it . It’s been on repeat !
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Honestly this thread is the hardest to find on here - just needed to say Damage has become a latest obsession of mine, what a song. Aiming to get through a lot of her other material x
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  8. I Used To Know Her was one of my favourite albums of 2019. Carried Away/Hard Place are a great introduction to her. Do To Me is also a bit of a bop!

    Feel A Way and I’m Not OK are just some of my favs. She forever has me in my feels.
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  9. I need her to nab a Grammy performance next year and perform ‘I Can’t Breathe’ . It would be so powerful !
  10. I Can’t Breathe is already nominated this year.
  11. Yes I know it is. I’m saying it needs a performance of the main stage !
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  12. Mobo Awards performance

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  14. Best Part is such a gorgeous song, although I have to admit I only discovered it when down a YouTube black hole watching Voice auditions.
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  16. America the Beautiful performance at tonight’s Super Bowl:

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