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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lemonsqueezyy, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. '2' is a bop! Apparently MNEK produced?

    My all-time faves:
    Say It Again
    Still Down
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  2. Every Kind of Way reigns supreme still, but Facts is one hell of a contender.
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  3. Add the Sabrina Claudio mixtape in there for some shuffled greatness.
  4. She posted a new song on her soundcloud yesterday :

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  5. guys is that H.I.M. person related to her?
  6. No, just riding her coattails.
  7. My Song is gorgeous!

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  8. Probably my least favourite song from her... Very last song on a late 90s album - but in a bad way.
  9. Anyone Koko show tonight or the Shepherd's Bush show tomorrow?

    I'm going to the latter and I'm perched! She was my 'new' artist of 2017.
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  10. Not going but I wish I was!

    I am absolutely obsessed with 'Let Me In' from the B-Sides collection. Fucking amazing song, again.
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  12. U is H.E.R. best song!!!
  13. By the way - I just saw her live a few weeks ago when she came to a local university. There wasn’t too big of a crowd (think half of a high school auditorium) but everyone was super engaged and truly there to see her in action. And she was, in fact, in action.
  14. There's also another band called HER, ugh.
  15. RCA has her working with Chris Brown too. Ugh...

  16. New duet with Khalid for the soundtrack of Superfly. It’s called This Way:

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  17. Performance of Best Part with Daniel Caesar on Jools Holland the other night:

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  18. She is so fantastic, and that Best Part performance is one of the most beautiful vocals of the year. That song gives me all the feelings.
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