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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lemonsqueezyy, Sep 22, 2016.

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  2. Loving this song. She never fails to deliver.

    Give me 'Volume 3' now!!!
  3. Is there a full album in the works?
  4. She killed it at the BET Awards. What a star.
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  6. New single I Used to Know Her drops on August 3rd:

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  7. I’m extremely interested to hear if she’s bringing a new sound, and if so, how different it will be. I can’t wait.
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  8. I Used to Know Her is actually an EP! It’s a prelude to the debut album:

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  10. Here's the cover

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  11. The EP’s out. Bryson Tiller is the only feature.

  12. It's SO GOOD. The last 3 tracks are my fave on first listen. Bring on the album!
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  14. As I Am on the Tonight Show:

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  15. She’s featured on Ella Mai’s debut album:

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  16. Recent Beats 1 interview. She’s their Up Next artist for the month:

  17. Second EP of the year titled I Used to Know Her: Part 2 is out everywhere on Friday. It’s already out in New Zealand.

  18. I'm a little... H.E.R.'d out to be honest.

    Just gonna bump the self-titled project for a while longer before diving into the EPs.
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