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Hacks (May 13)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by beyoncésweave, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. What a finale. But goddamn it, I want more.
  2. Finished Season 2 yesterday, as good as Season 1 I think. I really hope it isn't the end.
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  3. What a fantastic, emotional finish to another incredible season. This really is the best show on tv right now and never hits a wrong note. I love when a finale actually wraps everything up, and still leaves me immensely excited for more.
  4. I loved this season as much as the first and I'm sad it's over. I need a renewal announcement soon!

    I think I want this to end with Deborah getting that talk show she always wanted and Ava either writing on the show or being a guest after her own success (maybe a book?).
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  5. The finale was a gut punch. Another excellent season. I love the focus on an intergenerational friendship/working relationship between two women.
  6. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Another fantastic season. Jean and Hannah are absolutely electric together, and this is one of the few instances where I wish we were getting a network's worth of 18-22 episodes a season because I want to watch them forever.

    My only criticism is the Marcus storyline, it was such a weird decision to have him separated from the rest of the cast for half the season (as short as it was). It felt like I was watching a different show every time he appeared on screen.
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  8. Great news! I'm halfway through season 2 at the moment and would have been gutted if there wasn't any more.
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  9. Awesome! I'd love more than 8 episodes next season.
  10. I finally watched the finale of season 2, and it think it was one of the overall best episodes? Every single scene was essential.

    Are we going to have to wait a year for the next season? Because please no.
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  11. I’m up to episode 6 of season 2. Binged this show in, like, a day. It’s so great.
  12. The lesbian cruise episode ahahahahahah
  13. I’m finally watching season 2 and the scene where the molly hits Ava as they’re being forced off a lesbian cruise via a dinghy at like 10AM in the morning has absolutely sent me
  14. I’m partway through season two and wow, they made something that was already perfect even better?! The lesbian cruise episode is up there with The Good Wife’s Hitting The Fan as one of the best pieces of television ever. I haven’t laughed so much in 30 minutes in god knows how long.

    Not to be dramatic or anything but just two seasons in, I think Hacks might be one of the greatest series of television ever made??? The writing is razor sharp, every big swing they take pays off in abundance and the chemistry between the cast is undeniable. Really happy I’m going into this season knowing there’s a third season.
  15. The cruise episode was my least favourite of the season, maybe I'm homophobic?
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  16. I loved S2 but it never reached the ABSOLUTE MOUNT EVEREST highs of S1.
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  17. Ava wearing the dress that Deborah bought her a few episodes earlier at the mall for the network event in the finale was a nice touch.

    I really enjoyed season 2, but I did come away from the finale feeling it was a fitting natural end to the series to be honest. Deborah has achieved renewed success on her terms and Ava’s career as a writer is finally taking off.
  18. And the fact the show is so confident, it didn’t need to TELL us she was wearing it. I love being treated like an adult!
  19. Just zipped through both seasons within a week. I thought I loved Ted Lasso (trust me, I do), but I love this way more. This is a show that’s going to stay with me for a long time.
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