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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2012.

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    Re: Haerts - Wings.

    The new thread was to give what is an overlooked yet incredible band some promo and visibility. There was purpose behind it. Although it hasn't exactly set the forum on fire there is some degree of interest and now there's an actual album coming out much more interest than before.

    However merging the two threads together to create one megathread could be cool. As long as we can maintain the new thread's title (so people are aware Haerts have a new album coming out).

    As I said I was just trying to help the band out.
  2. Re: Haerts - Wings.

    I only discovered them yesterday.. but I am hooked already
  3. Re: Haerts - Wings.

    Yay for more Haerts fans! And double yay for merging with my original thread!!
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    Re: Haerts - Haerts (Debut Album)

    Glad there seems to be decent interest in their album! The other thread was bumped recently and we've agreed on a merge (providing a mod helps us out) so there should be just one Haerts album megathread floating around soon.

    Anyway not long now. Love this band and super excited to hear their album. So glad it's coming this year.
  5. Im super excited they're finally releasing their debut album. They announced late too, making the wait easier!
    I'm really happy Wings and All The Days are on the album because I love them, it would feel incomplete without them to me.
    Also, the one on iTunes has 12 songs not 10? It also includes The Creek and One Life.
    There are 6 songs available for purchase already, and then 6 for when the album is officially out.
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    Wait, what? Two more tracks? Awesome news! So glad the album is longer than I initially believed. It must have been an error in the source I originally used for the track list. So a 12 track album then including some more newer songs.

    Really fantastic news. Thanks for letting us all know.
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    Only two weeks left now! So glad we're getting more tracks than we initially believed. Really feels like a complete and comprehensive full length release from them now. Super excited to hear it. I just know it's going to be fantastic.
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    Just an FYI everyone this album is being produced by St. Lucia of All Eyes On You, Modern Hearts and When the Night fame. He has close ties with the band and has produced everything they've done so far.

    So it's bound to be amazing because the producer is just so good.
  10. Well it seems the album has 10 songs and Im assuming the extra 2 are just an iTunes thing.
    I really wanted a physical copy but knowing its missing 2 songs will seriously bother me.
    Now im just upset and wont wanna buy the physical copy. I hate when artists do this. Not good move.
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    Tempted to listen to the uploads but I think I'd rather save myself for the full album when it drops. Only five days now!
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    The album has leaked! Just woke up to an email notification stating that the album is now "out there". It's the ten-track standard edition though that lacks the iTunes bonus tracks so I suppose we'll be waiting until the actual release for those. I've just given it a quick listen and it's amazing! Seriously good music. Almost every track is a stunner. I'm so glad to finally have an extensive and cohesive release from them. The quality of the music is just through the roof. It's so good. It appears they met and even exceeded expectations with this release.

    Now I'm just super curious to hear the two bonus tracks because the standard ten are just that good.
  15. Yeah all the songs are out now!
    They released them all though, you can listen to them on their soundcloud.
    I guess we wait for the last 2 bonus tracks.
    I actually love them all. Im not too fond of Lights Out, though.
    Hopefully the creek and one life are good. Im hoping something more upbeat.
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