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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. This is a solid debut album. The bonus tracks should have been on the main album though. One Life would’ve fit perfectly between Lights Out and Be The One. The Creek would of made a wonderful hidden track. It’s features their most aggressive moments.
  2. Where did you hear the two bonus tracks?
    I downloaded the album and it said it came with the two but didnt.
    Ive decided to just download the album and purchase the vinyl on amazon.
  3. The albums up on Australian iTunes.
  4. £4.87 via Amazon UK Marketplace for a CD copy. Not listening to the album until I have the CD in my hands!
  5. I just paid twice that from Amazon.com! Not happy! It better be good!
  6. You'll probably get yours before me... on the plus side for you! Usually takes about 10-14 days for me. I got Tove Lo, Betty Who, Broods and others all on release day for the same price from there. Less than half what the main site wants!
  7. Thanks for the tip-off. I will pay closer attention in the future!
  8. I only discovered Wings today. How is this possible?
  9. What an amazing album despite the admitted paucity of new material. I'm re-appreciating older songs (especially "Wings", which only gets better with each listen) and falling in love with every new one. "No One Needs to Know" is the summer jam that never was, and "Hope" is just gorgeous neo-country balladry.
  10. I think the placing of "Call My Name" throws the flow of the album off for me so I always skip it. On another note, walking to this album in the rain is so good- it's all very cinematic and slightly dramatic!

    Also, skateboarding down a hill, whilst listening to "Wings" has been one of my favorite things to do since this came out 3 (or was it 2?) years ago.
  11. Like Anfunny I am waiting for my CD via Amazon marketplace having paid £5.06 for it!
  12. Mine arrived today! It's beautiful... just on my first play!
  13. They just dropped an amazing cover of Jeff Buckley's Everybody Here Wants You on iTunes. Also includes a track called Animal which is just as amazing.
  14. 360


    The cover is absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing track. More people should hear it.
  15. We have a new 3 track EP! And we have a short film too!!
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  16. This sounds ace! Can't beat a mid-tempo song with a chugging baseline and a great female vocal.
  17. So pleased you like it.
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  18. Definitely their best song in a while!
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