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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. I bloody love Haerts. Wish they got more attention. New tune 'No Love For The Wild' is a gorgeous ache of a song. Lovely vocals as ever. @Dr Pop @xOJakeXo @anfunny2003
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  2. I loved their last album and this song is as good, if not better in sound and style. Love it!
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  3. Gorgeous new single, I love it!
  4. Apropos of absolutely nothing, but

    @andru @PEARL @Petty Mayonnaise @Oleander @Jonathan27 and other Lykke Li stans, try those. Her voice and her melodic proclivities are both quite similar to miss Timotej's (i.e. stellar). They're two of my very favourite singles I've heard this year, easily, I hope an album comes along soon.

    (Also Your Love is absolutely perfect for summer playlists.)
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  6. Thanks for always tagging me, boo. I love Lykke so this is right up my alley.
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  7. Ooh, I had no idea they're back. Thanks for tagging me, @LE0Night, the two singles are wonderful indeed!
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  8. Thanks for the tag! I really enjoyed both songs and now I have another act I can add to my list of artists whose full discographies I need to explore.
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  10. THANK YOU, I've been waiting for this.

    I saw them live recently and they were brilliant. Met them afterwards and they were the nicest.

    They deserve success.
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  11. Excited for LP2. I think Wings is one of my all time favourite songs. The beat, the synths. Such a beautiful song.
  12. Uh where did all of the new songs go on streaming services?
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  13. Been waiting for this song for months, ever since I heard it live last year.

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  14. Love the new song! What's going on with them? Is there a new album on the way? Why do they keep premiering tracks then yanking them off streaming sites?
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  15. They finished their second album, that much I can tell you. With the first one too, they delayed for forever. I think, unfortunately, they just don't get enough to support or traction.
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  16. Gold star. Again.

    @ohnostalgia @Vasilios @constantino @Noir @truman and everyone else who were kind of disappointed that Lykke Liv didn't turn into an album, these

    are absoutely essential listening.

    Which by the way, yeah, they've managed to get onto both the soundtrack for 13 Reasons Why and Love, Simon, somebody must be doing something, at least.
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  17. Your Love is bloody great.
  18. Okay them singing a new deal would probably explain the removing of songs off streaming sites. Guess they'll all be re-released.
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