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Haich Ber Na - When We Knew Less (EP)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by 3Xs, Apr 24, 2022.

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    One of my favorite recent discoveries, Haich Ber Na is a London-based former grime producer and graphic designer who's made a pop turn. His sound is very eclectic straddling electronic, funk, R&B, rock, and much more (his new single even has a reggae tinge to it). He also has quite a flair for visuals from his bizarre single covers to his videos. He's released 3 EPs of material thus far and apparently an album is on the way. Really excited to see where he goes next.

    Quite a few massive tunes already:

    He has just released his latest single this week:
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  2. Now We’re Strangers has become my most played of the year. Thanks for the introduction!

    The subject matter kind of fills me with a melancholic nostalgia - I’m sure we all have friends who we’ve drifted apart from so can relate to this.I don’t know his age but I imagine he’s in his 20s whereas I’m 40s so at the stage where I’ve reconnected with some of those friends I didn’t see much in my 20s and 30s.

    I don’t know much by Tame Impala other than the one Rihanna covered, but can kind of hear that influence in this. The visuals are all rather interesting too.

    A great find, I’m intrigued for more.
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    A few of his songs seem to deal with friendship, including Now We're Strangers and Last Time I Saw You, which I think is quite refreshing.

    And yeah, the Tama Impala link isn't super strong honestly I was just having a hard time placing his sound. I can hear bits of everyone from Prince to Jamiroquai but I appreciate that he's not just doing retro-pastiche but rather is actively trying to create something new and modern.

    "...a lot of artists, especially in music, hide behind nostalgia (me included). I mean, there is no way of understanding the future without looking back at the past right? So we always need to look back. But I’m making more effort to look forward. Or at least extract the energy from the past, rather than borrowing the aesthetics and sound of that time."
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  4. 3Xs


    New single is out and predictably it's another banger!

    Also seems like there's some kind of Haich ber na cinematic universe being built with some of the returning characters from his previous singles.
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    New single!

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    New EP is out featuring the previous singles and one (massive) new track.

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    Another new single!

  8. 3Xs


    Lovely remix he did for Metronomy's new album

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