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Hailee Steinfeld ...stuff

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. And she is the main singer of Sit Still, Look Pretty from Pitch Perfect 3. At least in the movie.

  2. It’s apparently an Ellie Goulding / RAYE co-write:

  3. Is she opening or co-headlining? I wouldn't mind going to see her, but I don't think I could sit through a whole Charlie Puth set.
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  4. I highly doubt she’s co-headlining. Puth is a much bigger draw especially after opening for Shawn Mendes last year and a successful tour of his own.
  5. She is definitely the opener.
  6. RAYE wrote for Mabel and Anne-Marie?? Since when?
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  7. How did Hailee get Ellie's song and Ellie was stuck with contributing a remix of "Love Me Like You Do"?
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  8. Clip of Capital Letters:

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  9. Hmmm’T.

    It sounds closer to the direction I’d like her to go in, but I’m not sure. Obviously a clip isn’t going to tell much anyway. It’s interesting that it was originally intended for Gouldar...it sounds like a continuation of Delerium which I thought she (Ellie) was moving away from.

    Perched regardless.
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  10. It's impossible for her to not release bops.
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  11. Sounds great.
  12. Ready for another bop.
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  13. Raye and Mabel have done some sessions together. Not sure what happens with the songs they have co-written together.
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  14. (is this the name for the new album ?!?!??!)
  15. Goldar.
    It’s a (admittedly terrible) joke.
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  16. Most Girls says hi tibb.
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  17. A terrible bop is still a bop!
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  18. Nope, just checked, definitely a bop.
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  19. I need an album from her this year. Queen of Bops!
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  20. It's already out for sale!
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