Hailee Steinfeld - "Sun Kissing" + General Discussion

Which unreleased songs by Hailee Steinfeld have leaked so far?

I downloaded the original version of "All Day And Night" by Europa and Madison Beer this week, titled "No Sleep" and with Hailee's vocals.

And there's also this song she performed live:
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It would be incredible if after the release of ‘Coast’, a major producer helped push her towards releasing a fully fleshed our album, in the same vein as her earlier stuff mixed with the eighties-esq ‘Back to Life’ sound.

The girl has the looks of a pop star, voice of a popstar and just needs a full era as a popstar to show the world her full capability. Love this queen and would so want a proper LP from her!


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The artwork is similar to Coast's so maybe it's leading to something?...