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HAIM - Something to Tell You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 21, 2015.

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  2. Stan Gays
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  3. Maybe we're reading it upside down and it's actually

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  4. Why is this exchange sending me.

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  5. They killed their Pitchfork Fest set tonight. Apparently this was the first time they headlined a festival, about time! They covered two Paula Cole songs, "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" and "I Don't Want To Wait" (!!!) while the Dawson's Creek intro played in the background ddd. They also did a stripped version of "Go Slow".

    The new song is called "Summer Girl". It sounds very early 2000s adult alternative pop. Kinda gives me Sheryl Crow vibes. Which i'm totally here for but I don't know if PJ will like.
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  6. The fact that this was the closest guess is killing me. A bop! Also apparently the song is inspired by Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side".
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  7. So, Marky Mark - Wildside meets LFO. Their To The Extreme era is coming.

    @Columbo is shaking
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  8. Their Lilith Fair 1998 era is about to come and I'm s h a k i n g and q u a k i n g
  9. I am ready for the new album.
    The second one was disappointing.
  10. I didn't know how much I needed this until this very moment.
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  11. the new song is great

    but Im almost most impressed with their cover of Where have all the cowboys gone, lover the original
    and this is a great cover, love how they describe it on YT as funny and weird and epic at the same time

    the cover of I don't wanna wait is also great
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  12. The full pitchfork fest set:
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  13. I don't know what was already known but a reliable ATRL user has just confirmed it for next Friday.
    Length is 3:25
    It's co-written by Ariel Rechtshaid, Rostam Batmanglij & Lou Reed - so must sample something?

    I've resisted the live so far, think I'll wait for the song to drop.
  14. Walk On The Wildside was mentioned?
  15. I'm wet.
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