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HAIM - Women In Music Part III

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. After weeks of cryptic posts and teasing, HAIM have revealed that their next single Summer Girl is out in a week.

    I'm so ready.
  2. Been a summer girl
    Real bad so and so
    Done too many things a girl shouldn't know

    Here is the supposed artwork:

  4. For the HAIMties who've not heard it yet. Sounds promising.

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  5. MOMS. I have faith.
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  6. I think it's fly when the girls stop by for the summer, for the summer.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ready for a hot summer girl summer x

    (I've never uttered this sentence before ever)
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  8. I loved the last album, moreso than the debut actually. Glad we’re not waiting another four years for the follow-up. Can’t wait!
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  9. I feel like the wait last time contributed a lot to the 2nd album backlash. So it's good they're not waiting as long this time. Hopefully an album is also on the horizon.

    The new song was stuck in my head for like 2 days after the pitchfork festival so I can't wait for this.
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  10. My gals. I can't wait. Album by October-ish hopefully.

    EDIT: totally remembered that we're getting Warm in September. YASSSS.
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  11. Me:
  12. I wish I had summer's girl
  13. Yes
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  14. The second album was good, it just took way too long. I'm ready and I hope we get more boppy remixes with the singles too.
  15. Interesting.
  16. I’ve resisted the live version so it’s all fresh for release. I’m excited. I liked most of the second album, but I think they can do better.
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  17. Same, and it's really been a struggle.
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  18. RJF


    Meh. Forgive me if I'm not all that enthused. Don't get me wrong, I saw them live last year and they were incredible, but they seem to be the exact type of band who are going to release this single this week... and not release an album until February. I'm already prepared for the cacophonous, #relatable "an alboom??? :O wat that???" soundbites from the three of them when doing interviews.
  19. I want to say that the album will be released shortly after but
    when it comes to stuff like this so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. Make room for the real breezy girls!
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