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HAIM - Women In Music Part III

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. HAIM shouting out Clairo for Triple J's IWD instagram thingy. A HAIM + Clairo joint tour would honestly be a dream. They need to make it happen.
  2. They did fantastic at their Okeechobee fest slot last night. I was like five feet from the barrier and they killed every song, I will say I’m sad they didn’t do Now I’m In It though.
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  3. What was the set list? Did they do any new songs?
  4. Yellow/gold/orange being so prominent in their visuals and artwork since 2017 has been interesting, although it's probably not completely intentional on their part
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  5. They didn’t debut anything unreleased as far as I could tell but they did debut The Steps! I wanna say it went something like this (might not be 100% complete though)

    Don’t Save Me
    My Song 5
    Dawson’s Creek Theme song
    Summer Girl
    The Steps
    Want You Back
    The Wire
    Right Now
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  6. That's a pretty good set list. I love that they did the Dawson's Creek theme again. It's low key iconic, I hope it makes the tour set list too.
  7. it’s called “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole you heathens!
  8. The Haims covering I Don't Want To Wait is the very center of the Venn diagram of my taste.
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  9. How tf is This Fire still such an underrated album in the pantheon of 90's female singer-songwriters despite having two huge hits
  10. I know, but they literally play the Dawson's Creek intro in the background while they play it.
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  11. Cover this next queens
  12. Exactly. I'm still seething it's not on vinyl.

    Paula is severely underrated. I encourage anybody reading this who loved that first album to dive into her catalogue. No, it is not perfect and there are some definite skips. But there's also a trove of songs that show off her voice and songwriting. Of all the women from the 90s, I'd argue her voice is in the best shape... it may even be better than it was.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why would they not do Now I'm In It???
  14. Danielle beating the holy ghost out of the drums was a momenT
  15. Hmm maybe I’ll cancel my amazon preorder for this one.
  16. The official ranking for unreleased tracks is in -

    1. Summer Girl
    2. The Steps
    3. Hallelujah
    4. I'm In It

    Imagine I'm In It being your weakest pre-release track. The power.
  17. HAIM does television themes of the 90s/00s is a covers album I would support.
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  18. So the best three tracks so far are gonna be bonus tracks? I can’t.
  19. My theory is they knew it was specifically the song I wanted to bawl my eyes out to while I sang along and they decided to support Homophobia in Music. It was an odd omission, I talked about it to the girls in front of me and this gay I befriended before the set started, and it was one we all wanted to hear. Maybe it got cut because they did come on about 5 minutes late and only had an hour set.

    Another odd thing was on stage they seemed to hint that they’d be guests participating in the festivals Powow last night (advertised as hosted by Vampire Weekend), but when VW’s main set ended, they ditched the Powow and so Haim made no appearances.
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