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HAIM - Women In Music Part III

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I love this.
  2. I wonder which yellow version their US web store is selling, maybe neither?
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  3. This album is really special, it feels like a new classic.

    The references to different times in female alt rock is incredible and such great sounds to explore right now, Women in Music INDEED. The title makes so much sense.
  4. Haim are #1 on the Saturday mids in the UK with 9k already, #1 guaranteed
    so 9k it's the preorders + Friday sales but no streams added yet
  5. Noticed they're still #1 on US iTunes too.
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  6. They really snapped with this one. Up From a Dream is the one today. Glorious insanity.
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  7. I Know Alone is such a calming, affirming bop whenever I'm in a funk. Still a standout here for me. I initially thought the Track 3 placement was odd, but I actually love how un-streamlined the sequencing of the album is because it keeps things fresh & intriguing.
  8. Sooo... I'm... a bit stunned? Like I knew they were good and I saw the glowing reviews, but this record and especially the second half is incredible! I haven't followed them much since their debut, but I heard the pre-released singles and while they were pointing towards something really good, I'm still a little stunned by the huge amount of excellent, non-prereleased tracks on here. As I tend to struggle with albums with an odd flow, I'm also not too happy with the 3 bonus singles tucked at the end of the record, as it seems like they could've been included in the full project effortlessly. But hearing this record, I'm sure there's some good reasoning behind this.

    Gasoline plus the whole stretch from Another Try to FUBT are favourites, with a special shoutout to Man From The Magazine.
  9. I never really paid much attention to them (for which @aux rightfully dragged me) but this album is incredible. It’s simultaneously light and breezy while pulling no punches emotionally. Instantly one of my favorites of the year.
  10. I always thought that it was incredible to have 6 fantastic singles from their debut (Falling, Forever, If I Could Change Your Mind, Don’t Save Me, The Wire and My Song 5). I’d never, ever, have thought that they could produce an album with six equally flawless singles (Summer Girl, Now I’m In It, Hallelujah, The Steps, I Know Alone and Don’t Wanna), and I’m so happy to be proven wrong.

    Isn’t this just amazing? To not have a single track that’s mediocre, let alone bad, on a 16 track album is just unbelievable.
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  11. I listened to this twice top to bottom this evening and I'm so impressed. I wasn't expecting prominent R&B, garage and trip hop flourishes in a HAIM album.
  12. RJF


    Those big, rough, crackling guitar riffs that are all over the album add such genuine texture everywhere.
  13. It really is a hodge-podge of every music style I grew up with, and it works so well. It makes me want to rock out at the Sam Goody listening station clad in my JanSport backpack, Orange Julius & Auntie Anne's pretzel.
  14. This album is perfect.
  15. Watching their interviews now and I want to be best friends with Alana
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  16. Yes. It's pure bliss.
  17. I'm listening to this. The reactions here - wow, good to know I'm in for a treat.
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  18. Im even more obsessed with this today, this may end up being my AOTY. Its just hitting the spot so nicely.
  19. Athletic legends!
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