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HAIM - Women In Music Part III

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Queens of walking and now running too.
  2. Perfect summer olympics substitute, honestly.
  3. Wait is this how Este busted her ankle, she's the only one not wearing running shoes?
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  4. They’ve been queens of that for a while now.
  5. What a lovely, simple video. Also this fantastic half hour deli show was posted earlier in the weekend but y'all slept on it. They're serving content, and we should appreciate.

  6. The way they've gone from walking to running. Growth!

    Also, on that topic, the Now I'm In It video (another walking one) is so underrated
  7. I hate Este so much ddddddd
  8. Care to give a reason?
  9. Because of how hysterical she is. Sorry I thought that was clear that that was a good kind of hate. It was in reference to her hysterical walking and foolishness in the video. My bad.
  10. There was a whole lot of abuse coming your way. Este is a QUEEN.

    Can we have a weekly appreciation of her Brit awards performance? Also known as 'girl behind Liam Payne'.

  11. Still one of my favorite moments. And the way the headlines and tweets were just labelling her "drunk woman", "drunk girl photobombs Liam and Cheryl" dd

  12. The underrated highlight of this is Danielle and Alana pissing themselves in the background.

    Also this is a HAIM staple:

    I regularly have "I'm never gonna look at bread the same a-way again!" float into my head.
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  13. YES. Everytime I watch it I have to do it multiple times to watch them all.
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  14. Oh totally! She is queen!!!
  15. Help, I have literally become obsessed with these women over the space of a few days. I adore the album already; it is simply beautiful from top to bottom. The rich production and warm vocals effortlessly envelop you in summer melancholy, and simultaneously make you feel content in that state. The whole thing is just so... comforting, somehow?
  16. How has it taken me this long to notice her Twitter @ is "jizziemcguire" Jesus CHRIST
  17. Realizing that the album already have 6 (!) "singles" out is such a nice surprise, but also sad to think that they probably won't release much more from it. I really wanted something for 3 am, Gasoline &\or Another Try.
  18. Well Gasoline was on Spotify's NMF playlist last Friday. Seems like next single treatment to me.
  19. Wasn't Gasoline a pre-release song?

    I think it would be a solid single choice if they decided to go for it.
  20. Autumn spring summer fall still makes me scream. Queens of hating winter.
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