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HAIM - Women In Music Part III

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I've tried with them for a long while but I never really quite connected with them but since Now I'm In It, I was a bitsy perched for the album and it's really a step up to me! Really well done. Too much good music out lately.
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  2. HAIM walked so HAIM could run.

  3. My red vinyl turned up today! And wow! What an excellent pressing of a brilliant album.

    Haim and Jessie Ware really wanted to wow the fans at nearly 100 days into lockdown in the UK.

    2020 might be nothing like we all planned, but the music quality is brilliant.
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  4. I think this might be my album of the year? I'm a slut for LA white women music.
  5. Bob Dylan is catching up in the midweeks and if the trend continues he’ll be no 1 on Friday.


    1 HAIM - Women In Music Pt. III (12.3k) *
    2 Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways (8.8k)
    3 Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure (5.9k)
    4 Khruangbin - Mordechai (3.2k) *
    5 Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent

    Stream/download/buy. If Bob Dylan beats Haim and Jessie Ware to no 1 in Pride Month, rocks will be thrown at Stonewall.
  6. Obligatory "what the fuck is Lewis Capaldi still doing in the Top 5!?" post.
  7. I purchased the vinyl today! I’m more than happy to get aggressive with forcing friends/family to stream if they need help getting to number 1 as well.
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  8. It's a two way battle between Punisher and this album for my #1 spot.

    This was pointed out earlier in the thread but one of this album's greatest strengths is how multiple sets of songs hold together narratively while still do the heavy lifting of world building individually to make the album cohesive. Up From a Dream-Gasoline-3 AM and then Don't Wanna-Another Try-Leaning On You are particularly excellent examples: despite all running consecutively there's a clear distinction between both sets that it almost feels like moving between cities within the same state.
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    2014 Staff Member

    Los Angeles is such a perfect album opener - it's completely lush. Also poor The Aces ff.
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  10. It's just a really fun album to listen to. Every song is its own thing.
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  11. I’m going to need PTA videos for at least “Another Try,” “3 AM,” “I’ve Been Down,” and “Gasoline.”
    I wish this was a visual album. They should make it a visual album since touring just isn’t viable in the foreseeable future. I’m trying to speak it into existence.

    Yes. Like their first album, if not more so, WIMPIII could be a greatest hits collection.
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  12. Why? I'm a fan of them but The Aces have never been in HAIM's league, no matter how many sophomore album deniers convinced themselves so.
  13. "Up From a Dream" is like taking the biggest bite of the most delicious sandwich wedge.
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  14. They really did such an amazing job at taking a spectrum of influences and incorporating them into an album which still manages to sound SO cohesive.
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  15. Listened to "Something To Tell You" today while shuffling some songs from "WIMPIII" all together, and the "grow" is just so clear. I still think Something To Tell You have some gems (Want You Back, Nothing's Wrong, the title track, Right Now, Night So Long are all fantastic) but it's great how they managed to correct the flaws from that record and create something so good. Whenever the sophomore had some issues with everything just blending together and missing some higher highs\fleshing out elements, they just blew it 1000x harder for this one. And as everyone keep mentioning, the many influences and references being mixed together yet keeping the whole thing so cohesive... I think it does sound a lot more closer to "Days are Gone" in this aspect, just way more mature. AOTY material.
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  16. Wait I just realised you may have said this because they have a song called "Lost Angeles" ddd.
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    Yeah this is what I meant fff.
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  18. I've literally been alternating listens with Jessie Ware. I swear two of the years best albums came out just this past weekend, spoilt in the age of rona.
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