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Halloween (2018)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I honestly can’t wait.
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  2. Can't wait for Julien to become the next Laurie Strode.
  3. I actually quite like the title Halloween Kills. Halloween Ends, not so much.
  4. Machete Kills is shaking.
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  5. We never got Machete in Space did we?
  6. Machete Kills flopped extremely hard, so, no. Alas!
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  7. Actually it'll go:

    2020: Halloween Kills
    2021: Halloween Ends
    2027: Halloween Reborn
    2029: Halloween Forever with Reanimated Donald Pleasence
    2030: Halloween Ends. Again.

    And so on forever until deeeeeath.
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  8. The original Halloween is my favourite film of all time, so I’m down for any further prequels/sequels/remakes/whatever.

    I am however most interested into seeing how both of these films play out. In big studio terms, it’s a bold move.
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  9. I wonder if, seeing as both movies will be filmed back to back, if it'll be like a part 1 and part 2, simiar to how the original Halloween and Halloween 2 were.
  10. I do think that if they're going to end it, it needs to end with both Laurie and Michael dying. However, with that unwritten rule that Michael can never die, and with the teaser formally stating it, I think it just means the Laurie/Michael saga will be the thing that's ending, which I'm all for. I'm SO glad JLC is coming back for two more films, but I want a definitive ending to that storyline. I've not been satisfied with any of the endings that have happened so far in the series (even though I love the movies... maybe not Resurrection, but I can enjoy it for what it is), so I was completely ok with them retconning everything with the last movie.

    I'm also incredibly happy that they're filming them back-to-back, because that means they already have a full story planned out. Halloween Ends won't be a knee-jerk reaction depending on the success of Halloween Kills, because no one needs another Halloween 5-sized mess.
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  11. I mean, Halloween H20 was THE ending for me.
  12. I didn't expect this! It's exciting though. The idea of any sort of plausibility or continuity in the 'Halloween' franchise went out the window years ago, so I'm just running with it. It's still my sentimental favourite of the big slashers and I thought the 2018 film was great. Having Jamie Lee Curtis back is the biggest blessing the franchise could have had, and if she's up for two more films then so am I.

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  13. H20 was great! The moment where Laurie screams Michaels name is such an iconic moment in the franchise and the ending was great as well, but it just hasn't aged well for me. And what came after it didn't really help matters. I always wanted something more from it that it just wasn't capable of giving. I definitely prefer the Halloween (1978) --> Halloween (2018) timeline.

    That's the thing I love about this franchise. Even though it's a mess and a half and confusing as fuck sometimes... there being multiple timelines and you being able to pick what ending you want, while also enjoying the other movies, is pretty great. There's something for everyone.
  14. Announcing two films means we'll go into the 2020 movie knowing it's going to have an annoying open ending.
  15. That's why I think it'll be a part 1 and part 2 type affair. So one long story cut into two films.
  16. I hope they can include Danielle Harris in some way. I think that would be a nice gesture to fans.
  17. They won’t.
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  18. I think Danielle Harris ruined any (slim) chance she would have had to appear in any new Halloween movies after she posted that picture of her, Tyler Mane, and Scout Taylor-Compton giving the middle finger with the caption: "This might be how we feel about not being in the next Halloween movie!”

    It is unfortunate though, would love to see her and JLC on screen together, I always loved her as Jamie. I try to block out the Rob Zombie movies as much as possible. Though she was probably the saving grace of both films.
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  19. A cute cameo could have been possible, like her trick or treating to Lauries door with twin 8 year olds dressed like her ‘Halloween 4’ and ‘5’ self. That would have been quick but sweet.

    Ah well, if it’s a choice between Jamie Lee Curtis being back or Danielle Harris....
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  20. I'm just sitting here patiently waiting for a Season of the Witch trilogy to be announced.
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