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Halloween II [2009]

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by sifr, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. I don't generally open topics specifically so I can bitch about something but, well, fuck it.

    I didn't really like Rob Zombie's new Halloween a couple of years ago. If you scan back you can probably find my exact reasons why. There were however, a couple of things I did like about it.

    Now the sequel is out (and I don't no whether to be amused or despondent we now live in a world with two movies named Halloween II) and my seeing it/giving it a fair chance was based on one contingency - that being, that one of the things I liked about the first movie was resolved in a way I would like.

    I don't want to go into spoilers, so no names or details, but I really wanted a certain character to keep living after what happened in the first film. And by living, I didn't mean, until the sequel.

    I have just read through the complete plot of part II on wikipedia now it's opened in the US and...

    Fuck you, Rob Zombie. Fuck you. Be concerned more with the little shit psychopath than with the characters that our sympathy and empathy in this type of film normally depends on - go on, do. But don't expect to get my money or respect in return.

    I know I'm being unreasonable here - it's a slasher movie. I've seen enough, christ, I wrote one once...I get that people have to die, even the ones we don't want to, but after the first film, I really hoped for a fresh take on it, just with this one character.

  2. It doesn't surprise me. The first remake appalled me because Rob just doesn't get it. He atttempted to examine Michael's psychology and explore why he became the mass murderer we all know. And...you just don't do that. Michael is terrifying because he just kills. That was the secret in the first original movie. He just does it. He's inhuman. Giving him a sympathetic backstory makes him just another boring mad murderer.
  3. I'm not excited about this; the 2007 remake started okay but was ruined once it actually tried to 're-do' the Haddonfield stuff. I know nothing about it, but I'll see it, and doubt I'll care much about it one way or another.
  4. I didn't like the 2007 remake either. I'm not a huge fan of the original "Halloween", admittedly, though I have a respect for it as it kick-started the slasher genre. But the remake was just so... tacky and tasteless. It was one of those movies where you feel dirty for watching it.

    My friend wants to go see this when it comes out so I may go along to see it but I'm not expecting much.
  5. The original is my favourite film of all time, I'm a big fan along with the original sequel and "H20". I did actually really enjoy the remake, it seemed like a really decent way to remake a classic, it was an entirely different film.

    I'm looking forward to this new sequel A LOT! Not sure if I'm looking forward to "Halloween 3D" though.
  6. I didn't go to see the first Halloween remake and I'm not going to see this one either. In my opinion nothing will ever be as good as the original Halloween films so there's no point in remaking them.
  7. I am tortureporned out.
  8. Saw it tonight, really really liked it. Took a different direction than the others, which I liked. Shame about Annie... but Loomis had it coming.

    I'm still a bit unsure about Halloween 3D. With it being done by the same guy who did My Bloody Valentine, I fear it may be more aimed at teens.
  9. Oh and Sherri Moon can not act. It's gonna be an awkward day in the Moon house when Rob finally realises this.
  10. Went to see this last night (actually just, like, a couple of hours ago) and boy, is this a crap movie. I'm with sifr.

    It's just a big mess. This quote from an IMDb review sums up the lack of decent horror nicely:

    The script was awful. Endless reams of 'Help me! Please help me! Aaarrrrgggghhhh!' and 'Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.' So amateurish and just plain crass. In fact, that's the whole problem with the "Halloween" remakes - they're basically white trashed-up versions of the originals. It's like they thought 'Let's throw in lots of swearing, unecessarry nudity, gross-out violence and pretend it's edgy and modern. Yeah, awesome!'

    And talk about unlikable characters. Isn't there an unwritten rule that the lead girl in slasher flicks has to be somewhat relatable and sympathy inducing? I swear, after five minutes onscreen I was ready to kill Laurie Strode myself. I dunno if was the character or Scout Taylor Compton's acting but by God was she fucking annoying. This sounds awful, but I was praying for Michael to bump her off. Just like the first one, when she had her twatty friends screeching along with her - you want them to die. And that cliched bullshit about Laurie becoming a pill popping, wannabe Goth who clearly has never heard of hairbrushes was just exactly that - cliched bullshit.

    And as for Michael's delusions involving the horse and ghost of his mum, and all the dream sequences... GAH! Even the cinematography and editing was rubbish!

    This movie was just awful. Really bad. Shame on you, Rob Zombie. Shame on you.
  11. I guess we will just just have to agree to disagree. I really actually love the last two films. I know there is a lot of gory killings and swearing but I really think that they have been creative and entertaining.

    I will miss having Rib Zombie being at helm of this series.
  12. Fair enough. Though I would like to note that I have a penchant for loving so called 'awful' movies, like "Catwoman" (the Halle Berry one) and "Ultraviolet" (with Milla Jovovich). I also sometimes like remakes - quite sad, but I know virtually every line in the 2006 version of "Black Christmas."

    I found the first "Halloween" to be mildly entertaining, but the negative points I mentioned for the sequel tarnished it for me, i.e. the trashiness, annoying characters, etc.
  13. Oh well. It's getting "revamped" again so maybe the next imstallment will be more to your taste.

    It's a shame Halloween always backs itself into a corner after a couple of sequels, the series has been revamped like four times now.
  14. So this "Halloween 3D" is going to be another remake of the original? What the actual fuck? I assumed they were gonna release a 3D version of Rob Zombie's 2007 version...

    That is pretty ridiculous, don't you think? Another remake I mean, of a movie that was just remade a couple of years ago?
  15. It's not a remake, just a sequel. However, they wont be following the path Rob Zombie has taken it. It may not even have Laurie in it, especially as Rob has completely destroyed that character.
  16. So it'll be "Halloween 3" then, following on from Rob's films? Boy am I confused. I read an article online about the forthcoming "Halloween 3D" which implied it would be a(nother) remake of the original...
  17. The bad news for Halloween 3D is that it's going to be created by the boys who made My Bloody Valentine 3D, which, while somewhat fun, made even less sense than the weirdest parts of the Halloween franchise.
  18. Oh, no! Really? I haven't seen "My Bloody Valentine" but it looked awful.

    I think they should just lay the "Halloween" series to rest for now. Why doesn't somebody create a new slasher franchise, hm? The last iconic 'boogey man' killer was Ghostface from the "Scream" movies and that's way back to '96.
  19. Believe me, many have tried...

    There have been several franchise-starters that just never took wings; Wrong Turn is a prime example of a great flick that tanked at the box office and still generated two (so far) sequels.

    There's always Scream 4 to look forward to in 2010!

    If you saw Jason X, that was written by the My Bloody Valentine/Halloween 3 scribe.
  20. "My Bloody Valentine" was fun but a bit too "teen horror" for me, which is something Halloween rarely is. The only time they tried to make it appeal to teens more was "Resurrection" and how bad was that.

    I am in two minds about another Halloween. Part of me wants it because I simply ADORE the movies, more often than not I enjoy the sequels. However, the 3D gimmick doesn't appeal to me at all and I wouldn't want another "Resurrection" fiasco.
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