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Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. I still can't quite believe that Now or Never was successful enough to get ripped off by a fucking YouTuber.
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  2. A rip off of a rip off of a rip off of a rip off.
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  3. I fucking hate 'Bad at Love'. What a garbage song.
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  4. 'Now or Never', 'Lies', 'Strangers', '100 Letters', 'Hopeless'. That's all that I can salvage from her entire career.

    Sorry for the double post, but I have to separate these two thoughts.
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  5. Aesthetically pleasing but boring video. I love this hair on her. And all the ladies are hot. So I'm happy.
  6. I was pretty surprised at how big the crowd was for her at Reading, she had a tacky black wig and black high boots on and kept squatting every two minutes. Also fire! Was very edgy...

    'Strangers' popped off.
  7. Needed a dance sequence

  8. TRASH.

    MattyBRaps has more street cred and talent in his little finger than this asshole has in his entire body.

    Why? Why do people co-sign this? enjoy this? pay for this?!
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  9. As someone who saw her on tour with 'Badlands' (the first time she'd ever been to Birmingham - an EXPERIENCE), her music (particularly Badlands) doesn't translate the best live. Not because it's outright bad, it just doesn't leave room to dance. The crowd spent most of the time doing this weird 'bounce' motion with their arms because the music wasn't really something you could dance to.
  10. I saw her at Lowlands in the Netherlands earlier this month. She played the mainstage and it was the most empty I had seen it all weekend during her performance. The whole thing just felt awkward because of it, the smoke machines, the confetti... It was also quite cringey when she pointed to the first rows and said about her fans: "What can I say, they just follow me everywhere." Having said that, I was still bopping to 'Strangers' and 'Heaven in Hiding'.
  11. @Columbo
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  12. Obsessed with Bad At Love and the album, oop.
  13. Bad At Love is definitely one of her best.

    The video is... surprisingly un-extra, for her.
  14. The productions (Blanco & Cashmere Cat) is where the album shines. The effect on her vocals does things to me. Some may say she sounds unpleasant but I love her tone.

    Have a few listens ahead of me... Eyes closed, Bad at Love, Strangers and Hopeless are instantly fantastic. I´m also into Now or never, Heaven & Hiding and Walls could talk.
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  15. Are we really going to let Halsey get away with ripping-off Love, Kills xx and its whole vaguely plot-driven edgy visual whatever? Like, seriously.

  16. So I randomly decided to read the first few pages of this thread. All of you reading ha for being pretentious is still amazing.
  17. Why is she releasing the same video twice? I'm so lost. Whatever she's trying to do is not working...someone please just @ me when the "Strangers" video comes out.
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  18. Yikes.
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  19. I've learned some of my ways. The chorus low-key made the song back then cos it bopped nnñ.
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