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Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Obsessed with 'Bad at Love'.
  2. I'll never stan for her because I think she's a bit much but honestly this album is pretty much stuffed with 7's & 8's with the odd 9 thrown in for good measure. She just seems so uncomfortable in herself all the time.
  3. I've had this on replay for month. I love it a lot more than Badlands, which I still liked a lot. Sorry and Alone are the ones.
  4. Perfect description, teebs.
  5. It's nice that she's having consistent, more lowkey success rather than 1 hit and 5 flops. Queen of getting pop radio to play a song about love that utilizes same-sex pronouns.
  6. Kii at me actually liking this. Sorry and Strangers are great.
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  7. I'm LOVING Bad at Love.
  8. RMK


    She now has two consecutive top twenty hits on the Hot 100.
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  9. I think it’s going to go top ten, especially if it carries on like it is now.
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  10. The songs are ok but she's so cringe to watch
  11. I hear Bad At Love on the radio all the time and it's honestly really grown on me.
  12. RMK


    It's really become an organic hit. Now Or Never was a heavily promoted first single, and Bad At Love could potentially out-peak it all on its own.
  13. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is the 2nd-best selling album by a woman released in 2017 according to Billboard's 2017 Year-End list.
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  14. I've never really heard much of Halsey, bar Closer but I heard Strangers last night and love it.

    Is her albums any good and worth checking out?
  15. RJF


    I listened to this in full last week for the first time since the month of release and, while pretty much all of my original critiques stand, the absolute barrage of fucking garbage every other big pop girl threw at us afterwards made me at least appreciate that this album is well produced, well performed (in... her own... special way...) and actually manages to be interesting, emotional, and reflective. When she drops the posturing she'll be very, very good indeed. So yeah, she did... something, I guess.
  16. Was Strangers released as a single yet?
  17. Her singles take 6 months each to peak so let's hope Summer 2019 dddd.
  18. Bad At Love reaches a new peak of #14 on the Hot 100, officially out-peaking Now Or Never.
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  19. Maybe it's just me but the views for the two music videos this era seem so low? I know that I don't find either one to be particularly engaging or rewatchable but I just thought that given the success of both of the singles that the video views would be better than what they are.
  20. I’m already perched for them throwing the remaining videos she has filmed into one short film.
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