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Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Halsey even makes snorting coke on a yacht look stale & dull.
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  2. Whoever took those photos should have blackmailed her into releasing the "Strangers" video.
  3. [​IMG]

    I stan.
  4. Wow he ended him
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  5. It’s more than some lol.
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  6. She didn't do badly at all on SNL.

    She did a bit too much on Bad At Love and it left her a bit breathy but it was actually fairly solid vocally, even with the affected Cher growling during the chorus. The whole thing felt a bit like a Rihanna pantomime but still, not bad.
  7. Not her wasting a slot on Him & I when she could have done Alone.
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  8. Bat At Love still remains above the rest, well except for Strangers.
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  9. Her eulogy.
    (I don't really know her.)
  10. Bad At Love has really caused me to warm up to Ms. Frangipane a bit. Making a song that uses both same sex and opposite sex pronouns a legitimate hit in Trump’s America? She did that, come on bisexual representation.
  11. I think her last album is pretty good even if I can't really stand how she presents herself. I was obsessed with Badlands back in 2015 but I tried listening to it recently and I thought it was boring.
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  12. Halsey's out here legitimately breaking new ground as a queer artist and none of the homosexuals here want to give her a shred of credit but watch as they sob over a white twink mincing down a corridor , truly a legend snubbed in her lifetime!
  13. I think the tides are starting to turn in her favor, now release Strangers as a single and capitalize on the goodwill Ashley.
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  14. She sounded legitimately great doing Bad At Love on SNL last night, but hoo boy the performance of Him & I was a mess for everyone involved.
  15. The Him & I slot would've been a great time to trot out the stripped down arrangement of Eyes Closed for a bigger audience.
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  16. I don't believe anyone said Troye was breaking new ground, in fact many posters wished he'd been more explicit. I guess since the majority of posters here are male there's more praise as they feel ~represented~. No need to pit queer artists against each other.
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  17. Late to the party but hopeless fountain kingdom is really good. I genuinely never knew
  18. Yeah, I'm perched for her to become a star with album 3, teebs. Loved Colours, and hfk is a great little record with (evidenced) growers across the board.

    Weirdly I expected Closer to be a bigger profile boost for her but no one I know even knows she was on it/it was her.
  19. I was just making a comparison to illustrate my point - a biracial, bisexual woman has to do significantly more work to get a fraction of the acclaim.
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  20. Agreed. That's why I need the Strangers video ASAP.
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