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Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Her poem she read at the Women's March yesterday was very articulate and moving
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  2. Bad At Love is #5 on the Hot 100, her first Top 5 solo hit.

  3. Remember when it was my bop in July but yasss.
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  4. I'm glad to see the one out of two songs on the album I actually kept doing well.
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  5. Him & I can go die in a fire but i legitmately warmed up to HFK as well. She should push another song, preferably a bop like Alone or Walls Could Talk.
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  6. Or “Strangers”, finally.
  7. Alone and Strangers to finish off the campaign.

    I'd also like to take a moment to appreciate Hopeless; it's hardly single material but Cashmere really nails the production and she does an excellent job on vocals. I'd like to see them work together again on something equally as emotionally charged.
  8. Ok but that poem was actually pretty great.
  9. I honestly hate how much this album has grown on me dddd.
  10. I thought I was going to end up loving the album, but I lost interest when Strangers didn't become a single and haven't revisited it since.
  11. Don't Play should have been the next single.
  12. So happy Sorry got a video at least, any knowledge if it'll be sent to radio?

    I hope it's Strangers next (even just a video will suffice) and then she can tour for a while and craft her next work. If not milk HFK for all it's worth and release Lie (or at least send it to urban radio) as a fifth and final single. Side note: happy to see Bad At Love recieve so much success in the US, shame it hasn't/isn't being mirrored here.

  13. The image file is labeled 3/15 6PM EST.
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  14. Does that mean another single (Angel on Fire?) is being released from the album or that we're getting a completely new song?

    And why am I exploring that hopeless fountain kingdom site now ddd
  15. Here’s hoping she’s dropping the remaining visuals from the album.
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  17. I'm guessing this isn't Strangers since that already has a single cover.
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  18. Imagine doing a visual album and releasing a video from it every 6 months.
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  19. I'm glad that even with some improvement, she still provides a reason for me to drag her.
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