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Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, May 24, 2021.

  1. RMK


    She's coming.

  2. RMK


  3. Yessss I’m so excited for this. I hope it leans into a more rock element that she’s dabbled in.
  4. Ooh this is a great surprise, I kind of assumed she wouldn't be releasing anything for a while. The visuals are giving me hopeless fountain kingdom 2, and I'm definitely here for something like that.
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  5. Ohhhhh I'm ready. I know she's going to serve. I didn't hate Manic but it was a bit underwhelming.
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  6. Not her referencing one of my favorite paintings ever.
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  7. Please be the pop-punk album
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  8. With Good 4 U smashing, now would be the perfect time for her to finally give us the rock album we deserve.
  9. Oh I'm so excited for this. I didn't expect her to drop anything for a while with a little on the way, so I'm surprised but very ready for new music. Everything she's done since Nightmare has been solid for me and I ended up adoring Manic more than I ever thought I'd love a Halsey album, so this new era has the potential to fully cement me as a stan. I'm pretty much already there but I never know what to expect with Ms. Frangipane so we'll see.
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  10. Wait if this is a pop-punk influenced record she's really about to put the last nail in my Skeptic Coffin
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  11. She really is Taylor's daughter

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  12. Pop punk/rock or nothing.
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  13. I’ve seen fans think it’s HFK live album. June 2nd is the 4th anniversary

    Edit: H did something like this when they were going to announce Badlands live album.
  14. Please be good.
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  15. I mean, it’ll most likely be? Manic’s grown on me so much and I personally don’t think she has a bad album to her name.
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  16. I don't know why she'd do a special release for a random year anniversary, I hope it's not
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  17. I can't see her teasing a live album as "LPIV" though?
  18. I'm torn on whether I think it's a new album entirely or just the HFK live album. I do think it would be weird to tease a live version of an album that's been out for 4 years as a fourth LP, but I also thought there was more coming for the Badlands 5th anniversary (not that I was disappointed with the live album, I actually really love it) so I feel like it's not completely unrealistic? I feel like the tie-ins that fans found on the Badlands website would maybe make more sense for the HFK live album since the recordings are already done, she'd be able to tease it that far back because it's not new material.

    Really hoping it's new music.
  19. This tea.

    you should be sad not smashing still doesn't sit right with my spirit, but if it means she's committing to more overt punk and/or rock influences all in the midst of her pregnancy then I suppose sacrifices must be made.
  20. If Halsey delivers even a few tracks in the vein of Nightmare and Experiment on Me, we're in for an amazing record
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