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Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, May 24, 2021.

  1. "Nightmare (Reprise)"

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  2. I Am Not a Woman, I’m a God. Miss FRANGIPANE???

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  3. I love that the reprise/remix of Nightmare pulls the track fully into the world of the album. Brilliant, a remix done absolutely right. Some rerecorded vocals would've sent it to an 11.
  4. How on Earth have they turned an 11/10 into a 20/10.
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  5. I don't know, but I'm beyond happy "Nightmare" saw some form of justice.
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  6. This smouldering world she built with Trent and Atticus is phenomenal. When I got to Ya'aburnee I realized it was the final song and didn't want the album to end yet. Not releasing any singles was definitely a great idea.

    Lilith wouldn't sound out of place on Happier Than Ever.

    Also, Nightmare Reprise....these girls need to stop playing with these physical exclusives.
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  7. Lilith is a bop, and I’m surprised at the mixed reactions. It’s not a good single choice, but I love the R&B vibes.
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  8. Here's "People Disappear Here" for however long YouTube keeps it up. I actually think it would have fit perfectly on the main album, maybe in place of "Darling" (which I love, let's not get it twisted)

    Also "Gasoline"

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  9. Is anyone getting tickets to her live event?
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  10. Has someone already remarked that this sounds like a Rina Sawayama album? (in the best possible way)

    I've had zero interest in Halsey this far, but this is very quickly turning me around. Are there any particular songs in her back discography that are in a similar vein that I should check out?
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  11. Nightmare is a blueprint of sorts for this album and several songs on Manic would probably interest you as well. Forever... (is a Long Time), 3am and Finally/Beautiful Stranger all have a similar soundscape to this album.

    Gasoline from her debut is worth checking too, there's a reason she reimagined it for this era. Even songs from that era like Castle and Is There Somewhere are like prototypes of the vision she has finally executed perfectly.
  12. Thank you, will delve in!
  13. The opening few seconds of Lilith have the same exact drum beat as Waterfalls by TLC. When I had everything on shuffle earlier I thought that's what it was at first.
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  14. Bells in Santa Fe is definitely my top song on this album. But it's definitely a great album regardless
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  15. The synths in Girl With A Gun make me think of New Order’s Blue Monday some.
  16. Well, it happened.

    I'm enjoying an Halsey album much more than a Lorde album. This timeline is wild.

    Jokes aside but not really a joke this is very solid. "Easier than Lying" is my fave so far but I'm also kinda living for the drum'n'bass (???) production of "Girl Is A Gun". I can't believe I will play this multiple times in full. Congrats to her, both for the music but also for the rather swift album roll-out. Other girls should take notes
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  17. Between this and CHVRCHES, I'm eating well this weekend.
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  18. Go on and be a big girl
    You asked for this now

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  19. Playing More and Ya'aburnee back to back to maximize the sad.
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  20. The core of my biggest issue with Halsey has always been that she never shows, she always tells. It was so frustrating because I liked a lot of her ideas and concepts, but nothing really lined up between the music, the visuals, the writing, all of it, really. Now that she's finally reached a place where she's ready to let the material just speak for itself, I feel like I can really invest in her as an artist. The leaps and bounds she took with this album are incredible enough alone, but when held up against literally all of work before this (most of Manic excluded, mainly because that was also a big improvement over the first two), it's even more impressive. She'd shown flashes of greatness before, but they were always fleeting and ended up getting lost and never fully realized within these conceptual worlds she tried to build. With that being said, it's always easier for me to just bullet point my thoughts so rambling incoming -

    - The Tradition is such a bold and stunning opener. That piano riff is so haunting. Haunting is actually the world I'd use to describe the entire song. The intensity that she sings the chorus with is chilling and lyrically, this song is a fucking beast. That chorus melody has been stuck in my head off and on for the last day, it's just a beautifully crafted song. The way everything else falls away and her voice is brought to the very front and it sounds like she's singing directly into your ear at the end of the bridge before crashing into the chorus again gives me chills.
    - Bells in Santa Fe - holy hell. That twinkling synth (that also shows up in many other songs) is so eerie. One of my favorite lyrical moments on the album -
    Well, maybe I could hold you in the dark
    You won't even notice me depart
    Secondhand thread
    In a secondhand bed
    With a second man's head

    Like come on. The distortion at the end of the song is claustrophobic and unsettling and precisely what I wanted/expected from Trent and Atticus. It's just so visceral. The way she gets cut off midway through "all of this is temporary" and it flows into Easier than Lying is brilliant.
    - EASIER THAN LYING?! This pops the fuck off, it's relentless. I mentioned it in another post, but the way the production adds another layer and amps up during each chorus is insane. Her scream getting turned into a siren, the way her voice slightly distorts and gets muffled in the production for a moment as she hurls her way through the last chorus, the absolute rush that is the balls to the wall ending bit..iconic already. The first verse also has some of my favorite lyrics in it -
    I'm only whatever you make me
    And you make me more and more a villain everyday
    But you don't know, you reap, you sow
    Whatever you give to me
    From yourself you take
    Well, if you're a hater
    Then hate the creator
    It's in your imagine I'm made

    If this were a few years ago, I could hear this slapped over a generic beat with even more generic production with a long winded explanation to accompany it, but it's beautifully executed on all fronts here. It's exciting to see her move in a direction that maximizes what she's good at.
    - Lilith is sexy as hell. That chorus melody is so addictive, this was an early fave and it still is. I won't bother highlighting it all but I'm obsessed with the first verse in particular. Her voice glitching on "I'm corrupted" is fun and the way the vocal melds into that...electronic monotone and just trails off at the end before fading into that massive bass boom and giggle in the beginning of Girl is a Gun is genuinely really creepy.
    - Speaking of Girl is a Gun - this is kind of batshit and unexpected? but I love it. Love it lyrically and think it's clever songwriting.
    - You Asked for this is absolutely everything. It doesn't sound like a 2021 production to me, but in the best way. I'm obsessed with the harmonies in the chorus and how blown out it is. It's not what I expected lyrically, but I love it a lot more than where I thought it'd go. 10/10 bridge, too. Whoever said this sounds like Sky was right on. I can practically hear this on her soundcloud with 'posed 8 years ago' next to the title. "Go on and be a big girl, you asked for this". Ugh.
    - "Aint a double header if you lose your head". darling is lovely.
    - 1121 sounds like Evanescense to me, and I adore it. The twinkling synths from Bells in Santa Fe show up again, and they're my favorite production flourish. "You could have my heart and I would break it for you" is so beautifully angsty and dramatic.
    - honey!!!!!! I can't get enough. Her voice works so well in this space, she just glides over this production. And those synths are here again! I could ramble forever but I'll just say that I really, really love this song.
    - Whispers is interesting and I love the whispered "you do not want this" and the "why do you need love so badly" verse came for my neck and I wasn't ready. I like the change of pace here and the piano melody mixing with the synth is eerie and haunting. I'm overusing these words but they sum it up so perfectly.
    - I am not a woman, I'm a god is a banger. That driving synth picking up in the second chorus and the twinkly one again! is addictive. Another one I could ramble about.
    - The Lighthouse is one I think isn't as essential as the others until it starts playing and I get sucked in and end up listening to the whole thing. The chorus melody is deceptively catchy. It makes me think of a beautiful siren, luring men to their deaths in pursuit of what she's missing, or something like that. It's creepy and fills my head with all kinds of different visuals and it makes me think of someone telling some urban legend-like tale. Like she just stands on the shoreline repeatedly luring sailors to their deaths, stuck in this loop. Another favorite lyrical moment on the album - "cause I never wanted saving, I just wanted to be found".
    - Ya'aburnee made me cry. She's really developed into an incredible writer, and I'm so happy for her that she got what she always dreamed about having. "Darling, you will bury me before I bury you". Fuck. A beautiful way to end this album.

    Her pregnancy and becoming a mother are woven into this album stunningly and with such creative triumph. I'm excited to let it all unfold even more, as I know it will the longer I sit with it and live my own life with it. I knew I would at least like it, given the collaborators and how much I ended up loving Manic, but I didn't expect to be floored like this. She should be so proud of this, as I'm sure she is, but Trent and Atticus and anyone else involved should be, too. This is genuinely such a incredible piece of work on all fronts.
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