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Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, May 24, 2021.

  1. Would it be less embarrassing if there was a #ad in it like certain other pop girl promotions on the socials?
  2. Aaaaannd I waited to long. Guess I’ll stick with my Target one….for now.
  3. Ms. Swift logged in to have a quick kii and immediately went back to skimming Olivia Rodrigo's album for more credits. What's the point of pop music if the girls aren't gonna give us mess?
  4. How is supporting a friend (that she's supported publicly in the past as well and vice versa) embarrassing? Obviously it's a bit petty considering who else released today, but it's been clear that they're good friends so there's no harm in it. It's not like this is some random artist that Taylor's decided to shoutout just to be spiteful. I would do the same for a friend of mine, especially because it's so deserved and especially if I get a petty laugh out of it as well. And at the end of the day, this album is phenomenal and deserves heaps of praise and if Ms. Frangipane gets a few more streams out it, all the better.
    Edit - I do see how it could be considered embarrassing just from the standpoint of it being messy, but I'm always here for a good mess so that's just me.

    On topic, I've actually been just letting this play straight through, front to back, which I don't do often for albums. It's sequenced brilliantly but I also can't just play a few songs, I need the full experience every time.
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  5. I might have to get tickets for this tonight

    Xtina's impact continues

  6. Then why didn’t she tweet last night? Or at all about Solar Power?
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  7. To be fair, Taylor has very good taste when it comes to other people's discographies. *eyes emoji*
  8. If I Can't Have a #1 Halsey Album, I Want Mess
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  9. I'm acknowledging that she's being petty, that's not really a debate. What I'm saying is that while yes, it's petty, Halsey is also a close friend of her's so it's not like she's going so far out of her way to be spiteful as she would be if she randomly decided to publicly support an artist she's never spoken about before or isn't friends with. I don't think anyone's trying to say her intentions aren't clear, I'm certainly not. They're not mutually exclusive - she can be petty and support someone she's friends with.
  10. Halsey performed Shake It Off with a racist for Taylor. The least Taylor can do is send out a tweet.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Halsey sure snapped here huh.
  12. It's hilarious to me that Taylor was dead silent when Lorde released, and is promoting Halsey today of all days... I love the messiness and I will read into it. Deeply.
  13. I mean I wouldn’t really hype Solar Power to begin with either but I’m living for the mess.

    My Target was sold out of the album so lemme just order online to support since I still get the red card 5% off and free shipping.
  14. RMK


    It just felt a bit funny she's still taking passive aggressive jabs at him. It's been years, and it's been covered on multiple albums. Move on, sis.
  15. Meh, I don't really see it as a "jab". I mean, I'm sure she knew what she was doing with the timing of this, but I also do think she considers Halsey a friend and genuinely wanted to promote/support her (especially given the amount of work that went into this project with such an odd rollout, and she wants to keep it from getting quickly overshadowed, especially from someone she isn't on good terms with).

    She's supported her before:
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  16. Have never really gotten into Halsey. But this is something else. Orange vinyl ordered. Contender for year end lists, surely.
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  17. I’m embarrassed for you but if it helps Halsey why not.

    Also great thing about this album it contains no domestic violence, sexual abuse,homophobia or MAGA so yes stream the shit out of this.
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  18. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Easier Than Lying, Lilith, Girl is a Gun, honey... so many standouts, she's nailed it.
  19. RMK


    nn it was just a light comment about her statements still falling in line with Kanye. Since when did everyone start gatekeeping her antics?
  20. I mean the tweet was obviously petty (and I love her for it) but I hate how this "Taylor is still so obsessed with him! Can this girl move one! No one cares!" narrative is being pushed when last year alone:

    + She was trending worldwide today on Twitter following the release of DONDA because many people (Ye fans) were dropping her name/comparing it to folklore.
    She's still friends with Halsey at the end of the day, so it's not like she supported someone else out of the blue. It is messy indeed, but she's giving us entertainment AND supporting one of the AOTYs!

    On another note, I'm here for Taylor jumping on a You Asked For This remix. I already need TS10 to be a rock album, so this would be a great appetizer.[​IMG]
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