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Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, May 24, 2021.

  1. Just goes to show it doesn't matter if you flop or sell consistently well you can't escape label fuckery.

    As I was saying in the K** P***** thread a while back and people were weirdly disagreeing with me, it's time to abolish major labels. Society has moved past the need for major labels.
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  2. I can't imagine the frustration of being an artist of anything other than like, Taylor and Beyonce's stature right now with the way tiktok dictates quite literally everything. I understand that labels have to keep on top of trends and cater to them, but this is not the way to do it. Like...not releasing music isn't going to help an artist reach a wider audience, so what's the point of holding material back just to engineer an "organic" hit? It's fucking stupid. I think her frustrations are completely valid and I understand it all even better after catching a re-post of her instagram live talking about it. She absolutely has a point in saying she's never really been *that* kind of artist anyway. She's had hits but she's not a Doja, for example, in that her music isn't going viral on a larger scale all over social media and that's okay! She's got her dedicated fanbase and she seems perfectly fine catering to them and she's been around for long enough that she shouldn't have to pander anymore. I could actually see it backfiring and the people that already don't like her and find her too try hard will only double down even harder if she's actively trying to get a hit on tiktok. People see right through that shit.

    Again, I get that labels care about the bottom line before anything else, but this is just stupid. Sure, make an effort to post on the platform and promote the song, but actively holding it back unless and until it's "viral" just doesn't seem effective at all to me. Especially considering she already compromised in giving them a pop song like they wanted, produced by Max Martin and everything (as she confirmed in her insta live). Like just give it a chance to get some traction, damn.
  3. The fact she was saying they told her she can drop the song, but they won’t support or promote it gave me major My December flashbacks. I don’t even get the logic behind doing that? So y’all are gonna pay Max Martin and then let the song flop? Major labels are truly idiotic. It’s sad it seems to be spreading to indies, too.
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  4. Halsey isn’t even anywhere near the level of flop that the likes of Charli XCX/Zara Larsson/Ava Max are on, Halsey has an incredibly large fanbase and always sells bucketloads of albums. She doesn’t need a cute TikTok hit to remain relevant or successful.
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  5. One of these is not like the others!
  6. You mean the person who's literally had a UK #1/US Top 10 album a couple of months ago? Ignorant!
  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    It’s an interesting subject. I think it’s creating a pre-radio hurdle in the American market where radio moves at a glacial pace already and songs only become hits on radio if other media indicates that people like what they are hearing, so demanding artists demonstrate that demand on the Tik Tok app is just shifting that nebulous concept into one tangible place. Really annoying because it’s asking creators to basically predict how to make something insanely popular or not release at all, and not everything can be some juggernaut of a hit.
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  8. I think “make a viral TikTok song” is translation for “make another Without Me” dd. It’s not that deep.
  9. Dd no she literally said they wanted her to make TikToks for a month hoping they’d go viral. She also noted that her label didn’t even want her to release “Without Me” (or “Bad at Love”), so surely if they really wanted another one they’d trust her ear for a pop song.
  10. I mean, I get what she’s saying, however artists were once required to travel the world and perform their new song on every TV show possible, so is a label asking their artist to promote their new song on TikTok for 30 days really that deep.

    Halsey, get your fucking ass up and work, it seems like nobody wants to work these days.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Some of the things people willingly post on here….. what the hell.
  12. I can see both sides. She has the fan base already, so doesn't exactly need to be creating fake viral hype when it's likely it'll pick up traction on its own if it's a good song. I do agree with her view point. On the flip side, she chose to sign to a major label and and has an obligation to promote the record in the manner the label sees fit (however out of touch their vision may be). It isn't asking much to post a few short videos, and seems quite counter-productive to refuse.
  13. I mean, yeah? Especially if there’s no guarantee that it’ll even be released, because they’ll surely come to her and say some shit like “well we didn’t get the views/reposts, so we can’t drop it”. It’s just creating more hoops for her to jump through. Do y’all really not see the issue here? It has nothing to do with her being unwilling to promote the song (which she’s not), it’s the fact she can’t even put it out in the first place. She has a music video done, she’s rehearsed it for her show… why not drop it and let people come to it organically?

    Also the last part of your comment is really gross, joke or not.
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  14. It's a Kim K meme
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  15. No shit, but why even use it in context of this? It’s giving tone deaf.
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  16. I was replying to @2014 who probably doesn't keep up with the kardashians US pop culture
  17. Previewing a song on TikTok for a month or longer, is just the current trend of promoting and helps songs debut with bigger numbers (which in turn helps with playlisting) Halsey has had a few hits, but she’s not Ariana, Adele or Drake and guaranteed a hit from the off. Halsey’s last album bombed, so the label are cautious and want a hit.

    It’s really not that serious. Halsey isn’t on the breadline, she’s a wealthy person, moaning that she is too established to post some TikTok’s.
  18. I don’t think she has a problem with making TikToks; she’s been active on the app for a while and is actually very good at it. She seems to have an issue with the way the label is stringing her along and the sort of content they want her to make, which is not in line with how she interacts online, so she’s doing what they want while also airing out her frustrations about it. This is the most exposure this song is going to get on the app probably, so they might as well drop a pre-save link.
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  19. Some of the "shut up and make a TikTok like the label are demanding of u" energy in this thread is pretty suss.
  20. All the “she signed a contract, what did she expect?” posts I’ve seen online like she didn’t sign that shit 8 years ago. I doubt being a content creator in addition to her “duties” as a pop artist was in there. I totally get it’s the new form of ~promo, but I also get the frustration, because it’s not like those old forms went away. It’s just another thing to add to the plate and artists are blind to get burn out.

    Anyway, can they release “Walls Could Talk” as a single if they want a TikTok hit?

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