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Halsey - Manic (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Talent stanning talent.

  2. Interview on triple j:

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  3. My initial reaction as well and only now coming round, thanks to Diplo’s SiriusXM spinning this remix in heavy rotation. The original is all shades of brilliant, and can’t wait til it blows up.
  4. I've been hearing this everywhere. RISE, SIS.
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  5. aux


    She has revealed the full tracklist

  6. I thought that said "GAAVEYAAD" for a split second.

    Many of those titles sound like they'll potentially make me go "Yeah, same". I Hate Everybody sounds Relatable already. I'm genuinely excited about this!
  7. Ashley
    You Should Be Sad
    Forever (...is a long time) -- Shania is shaking at this one
    Dominic's Interlude
    I Hate Everybody
    Without Me
    Finally / Beautiful Stranger
    Alanis' Interlude
    Killing Boys
    Suga's Interlude
    Still Learning
  8. I feel like Ashley will be this album's The Prologue
  9. Halsey saying every song has a different vibe/sound (hence “manic”) but also saying “Nightmare” didn’t fit is... very her
  10. Depressed at Nightmare not being on there. Sis you're not SO big that you have to ignore songs that didn't go top 10.
  11. Perched for it to appear on the Deluxe/Japanese edition
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  12. Her / her team were clowns not releasing this Q4. And everyone else did the same and we got stuck with ex Directioners and Hamronizers. Brazilian twinks teasing Adele's fake comeback really hurt this year's releases.
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    Yeah, it'll be on the Target edition by the sounds of it
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  14. Wait, track 13 means what I think it means??!!???
  15. Apparently she's putting out two songs with Bring Me The Horizon which aren't included in the album soon.
  16. Her being a true emo kid at heart is 90% of the reason I stan.
  17. The two musical acts I've started stanning in 2019? AMAZING.
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  18. maybe it’s Finally / Beautiful Stranger?
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