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Halsey - Manic (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Oh, I'd literally never heard anyone use the idiom "alligator tears" until Ashley Frangipane did today.
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  2. I'm curious how this is album is gonna do. Its out in one week and there feels like there's no hype for it at all. Graveyard did go top 10 on radio, so its managed to be a decent success. But I just feel like no ones talking about this album. The promo singles don't have great numbers. The video views are low.

    I do like the twangy thing happening because - as I've voiced before - she was getting dangerously close to everything sounding too much in the same family. These new songs don't sound like hits, but they at least don't sound like her last 6 singles.
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  3. You should be sad is everything I've been waiting for. It's brilliant.
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  4. Oh hun... not even an electric guitar can stop this being a trend chasing mess
  5. Other than a slightly excessive use of autotune I really like this. It's lovely and feels like a grower. Still think Beautiful Stranger is the best thing so far but this compliments it nicely.
  6. It’s weird. It feels like she was right about to kick off an imperial phase after Without Me and Eastside. Then she took a risk with Nightmare, which did as well as a song of that sound could be expected to do, and everything since has been safe and very average. And it’s not as if anything since Nightmare has smashed, so I’m not sure why they keep putting out toned down, bland songs.

    A year and a half ago it seemed like she was gonna have the sort of rollout and campaign we saw with Thank U, Next, but she’s managed to self-sabotage her hype and now I think it will do about as well as her albums normally do (which isn’t a bad thing at all, but a step back from what initial indicators suggested).
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    I actually love this. That said, I fully forgot she's releasing the album next week.
  8. Oh. This is cute but Graveyard is still that song.
  9. I like this, but it didn't click for me until the second half of the song. The production helps it out a lot. Otherwise it'd be quite limp.
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  10. Oh, I kind of really love this.
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  11. So far it’s just ok to me. It feels like she did a bait and switch with the direction she’s going after the earlier singles.
  12. This is easily my favourite of the pre-release tracks.
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  13. The melody of the "I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you" line is gorgeous and golden, I love it.
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  14. Graveyard is still the best song released but this one is also nice.

    My excitement for the album watered down a bit though.
  15. This is such an earworm! Listened to it once this morning while showering and when I heard it on the radio in work it felt immediately familiar. Really enthused for this album. I just wish Nightmare wasn't paid dust.
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    I'm hoping that the deluxe vinyl includes it, but I've already latched it onto the album in iTunes.
  17. I don’t think it’s going to be included on the deluxe vinyl. It ships next week and they still haven’t revealed any of the “deluxe” content nn and the tracklist is the same as all the others
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    Yeah, I still don't get what the special features of the """deluxe""" 2xLP are. Surely they would have mentioned it if it was something really special, considering they're charging £50 for it.
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  19. dirrty but make it cuntry.
  20. I'm losing interest in the album with the past few releases. The visuals are great, but everything since Graveyard has been lackluster.
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